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Power, corruption and lies

I have had some quite astonishing news in the form of a series of minutes that have leaked from a secret meeting plotting the take over of a democratic organisation.

Just when you think you are being paraniod, you find you have been unimaginative.

More soon.

In praise of Khalid Hussenbex

I am worried about Green Party of England and Wales finances not just because we face hugely expensive European and Westminister elections over the next two years but also because it is rumoured that Khalid Hussenbex will not be standing for the Green Party Executive.

His post is perhaps more important than any other including Leader. He has been the elected finance officer for a number of years and has brought the finances from red into black.

He is very strict on spending and this is not always popular, I missed the meeting but one prominent member of GPEX walked out of a meeting when finance for an election project was not forthcoming.

We need to nurture our finances, I have been calling for the last two years for a fundraiser and I strongly opposed the creation of other staff posts that I suspect are not sustainable.

Unless you get the money right, you risk falling into a difficult position in terms of resources and politics.

Running a political party is hugely expensive and needs lots…

A Robin Red breast in a cage puts all of heaven in a rage

More cool Islam, thanks Mahbubul for sending me this.

Originally from here click

‘Going Green’ in the 6th Century

Prophet Muhammad: the Environmentalist

By Sariya Islam

Caring about the environment did not start in the 20th century but it existed 1400 years ago.

Caring about the environment did not start in the 20th century but it existed 1400 years ago. Picture ©

An advertisement created by an organization that works for the environment shows the blood covered body of an injured baby seal. The bright red against the white snow is a jarring illustration of human callousness.

The beautiful blue-black eyes of the baby seal mesmerise the viewer with its silent appeal for protection and justice — an appeal that perhaps is too late, this little seal is already dead. But this little seal is making a wider appeal — one that has implications beyond its own loss of life.

Al Gore's documentary — "An Inconvenient Truth" — is another soul-searching expression of the mess hu…

I am only it for the money?

The following news item perhaps indicates greater sensitivity on the part of Channel 4 to the differential between presenters' salaries and those of audience members, than the BBC's sensitivity to how people's TV licence payments are disposed of.

In the July 2008 issue of Mature Times, Terry Waite says that the BBC argument in favour of a radio presenter's three year BBC contract amounting to £18m paid homage to 'the market rate'. Against that backdrop, the current Ceefax page 504 on BBC1 reports:

Vordeman 'forced' to quit quiz

Presenter Carol Vordeman felt forced to leave Channel 4 quiz show Countdown after she was told to take a 90% pay cut, her manager has said.

Agent John Miles said Vordeman, 47 has been told the series survived the death of host Richard Whiteley in 2005, and could "easily survive without you."

Vordeman, a co-host since its 1982 start, said she wanted everyone "to know the truth" about her departure.

Incinerator menace coming to you soon

very interesting to get this, I am not a fan of even incinerators with filters etc..we can zero waste most stuff but the huge march of incinerators across Britain is an untold scandal, that needs action

thanks Rob for this.

Dear Derek

Climbing up cranes in Newhaven shows some last recourse peaceful action, that whilst I have difficulties with such actions, it shows a failure and injusticein the system: proves that that this is a huge local and national issue that won't go way. It shows blatently that there is a huge failure in democracy, sustainable waste "resource" management, planning, permitting and common sense; most of which have largely been scacrificed (15,000:6) gone out of the window from Government, Defra, ESCC (and other WDAs) and now the courts.

Government/Defra/WDAs/Companies like Veolia are bulldozing and ramrodding these silver domes with chimney incinerator schemes through, dressed up as EfW/CHP now. It insults ordinary peoples intelligence with such deceptiv…

Support the Tube cleaners' strike - defend workers at Stonebridge

A public meeting called by Brent Trades Councill

7.30pm, Wednesday 30 July
The Community Suite, Bridge Park Community Leisure Centre
Brentfield, Harrow Road, London NW10

Clara Osagiede, chair of the RMT cleaners' grade; Oliver New, RMT exec
and Ealing Trades Council; Dawn Butler MP (invited)

The RMT rep
and another activist at Stonebridge depot in NW London are having their
pay withheld. The cleaning companies are using the vulnerable
immigration status of many cleaners to victimise them for speaking out
and organising. Come and build support for the comrades in the run up
to the next strike.

For more information email petefirmin[at} or ring Robin on 07974 331 053

Keir Starmer is Director of Public Prosecutions


Gordon Brown is toast

SNP supporters

Glasgow East result

John Mason, SNP - 11,277
Margaret Curran, Labour - 10,912
Davena Rankin, Conservative - 1,639
Ian Robertson, Lib Dem - 915
Frances Curran, Scottish Socialist Party - 555
Tricia McLeish, Solidarity - 512
Dr Eileen Duke, Scottish Greens - 232
Chris Creighton, Independent - 67
Hamish Howitt, Freedom 4 Choice - 65
Turnout 42.25%

I must admit it I thought Labour would win. Very safe Labour seat, traditional loyalities, that sort of thing.

SNP canvassed with the leaflet with Brown greeting Mrs Thatcher. Traditional working class Labour voters will clearly vote for an alternative to the left of Labour, in this case the SNP.

SNP government is popular, also the Newsnight interview with Margaret Curran about the previous MP's expenses for a home/office must have caused a couple of hundred voters to swing.

Not so good for my sister party, normally Greens are not strong in parliamentary by-elections but we put in strong performances in Haltemprice and Henley.



Dr Derek Wall said 'Incinerators are a huge threat to health and the environment, I applaud these activists for taking direct action. They deserve our strong support. I know Green Party councillors have been working to stop this menace'

'Stop Incineration Now!' protestors demonstrate their fury now that construction on the highly controversial incinerator plant has begun.

Activists have taken over the site of the proposed new incinerator plant in Newhaven. They entered the premises under the cover of darkness last night in an organised attempt at non-violent direct action, after resistance through democratic means failed them. Several protestors formed a barricade by superglue-ing themselves to the road in an attempt to prevent vehicle access, whilst on the site itself, other members of the group 'locked-on' to machinery in order to halt further activity. They claim to be exercising their democratic right to protest non-violently in a last-ditch attempt…


Derek Wall, the Green Party's Male Principal Speaker, has called for trade unions to put increased pressure on the Government and public sector employers by uniting to carry out sustained strike action, in opposition to attempts to impose pay cuts.

Last week over 500,000 local government workers across the country – including care assistants, refuse collectors, cleaners, teaching assistants and social workers - took industrial action because employers are attempting to impose pay cuts. The employers "final offer" amounted to just 2.45 per cent, whilst food prices have risen over 9 per cent in the last year and energy bills by 15 per cent.

In the wake of a national two-day walkout by UNISON and Unite last week, many union activists are discussing the potential for joint action between unions across different sectors.

In Scotland, a local government dispute is likely to lead to strike action, whilst a decision by the National Executive Committee of the National Union of Teac…

NO NEW COAL march from Rochester to Kingsnorth power station

Date: Sun 3rd August
Assemble: Rochester Station Car Park 12pm,
Rally starts at 12.30pm,
Set off at 1pm

Listen to speakers from local groups, as well as national NGOs that are working on the issue of coal, talk about why a new coal fired power station at kingsnorth should never happen....

Join the local anti-coal group: Kingsnorth Climate Action Medway (KCAM) in destroying a model power station!

Dress as a dinosaur, a power station chimney or anything you can think of to draw attention to the growing movement that is forming against a new wave of coal fired power stations

Link up with Climate Camp Caravans from London and Brighton on their last day, and cyclists from London and around the country who will join us en route, and once we get to Kingsnorth, walk together with us to the climate camp.

Trains to Rochester take 40-70 minutes from Victoria / London Bridge stations.

If you don't want to walk the whole way, you can get a bus which runs from Strood to Hoo every hour and j…

Alan Wheatley gets tough on James Purnell

Replying to the leak of DWP Secretary James Purnell's latest 'get tough
on claimants' Green Paper
London Green Party Disability Spokesperson Alan Wheatley said:

"What jobseekers need is more in the way of green lights, not more of
the same draconian measures that make welfare reform the latest frontier
for legalised human trafficking at a time of growing global recession."

The Government proposals include forcing claimants to do four week's
full time work after claiming unemployment-related benefits for over a
year. "That is a move to drive employment standards down and keep the
pressure on keeping public sector pay and standards low.

"Meanwhile, Sky News is more keen to report what the DWP Secretary and
his cronies have to say, than to alert the public to how his department
fails to deliver urgently needed income to…

Misión Revolución Energética

CITGO, Embassy of Venezuela and Citizens Energy Launch Energy Efficient
Lighting Program in Houston

HOUSTON – CITGO Petroleum Corporation Chairman, President and CEO
Alejandro Granado, Citizens Energy Chairman Joseph P. Kennedy II and
Ambassador of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela Bernardo Alvarez joined
today at the home of Houston resident Delores Smith to promote a national
pilot program providing low-income households with energy efficient and
environmentally friendly compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs).

In Houston, the program will distribute an estimated 140,000 CFLs
throughout the summer and early fall in 7,000 households -- approximately
one third of the national total.

As with the low-income heating oil program inaugurated in 2005, this
initiative is a partnership between Houston-based CITGO, a wholly owned
subsidiary of Petróleos de Venezuela (PDVSA), and the Boston-based
nonprofit Citizen's Energy Corporation. Together, CITGO and Citizen's
Energy will provide eligible Texas…

Southhall Black Sisters win

The case was brought on behalf of Ramandeep Kaur, 25, who is currently supported by the group, as well as another woman in a similar position.

She was put in touch with its counselors after suffering at the hands of her husband who beat her and threw her out of the house.

She said: "I had no where to go and I just felt like I wanted to commit suicide. I couldn't speak English and I couldn't tell anyone about my problems but I was able to go to Southall Black Sisters.

"Before I met them I wanted to commit suicide, but they gave me a sense of living."
More from the High Court here

Southall Black Sisters who support women from ethnic minorities threatened with abuse have won their campaign, Ealing Council have been trying to cut their funding.

Feisty feminist opponents of fundamentalism and abuse they deserve support.

Their campaign has been succesful which is very good news indeed.

More from my Socialist Unity co-blogger Louise here

Darren Johnson supports RMT action for cleaners

Darren Johnson
London Assembly Green Party Member

All London workers deserve a living wage
On the eve of a strike by the RMT in support of efforts to secure a living wage for London underground cleaners, Darren Johnson, Green Party London Assembly Member, has called on London’s Mayor to lobby Tubelines, the employer, to follow Transport for London’s lead and pay cleaners of its section of the network at least £7.45 an hour.
Darren Johnson said:
“I fully support the action of the RMT in support of underpaid tube cleaners. Paying poverty wages to workers who provide an important public service is unacceptable. Since taking over the work of failed Tube contractor Metronet, Transport for London has proven that it is possible to pay everyone working on the underground a living wage.”
“Tubelines, and all London employers, should recognise the cost of living and working in the capital by ensuring that everyone who works for them is paid at …
Early Day Motion
EDM 2039


Abbott, Diane

That this House notes that an Islington registrar has won an industrial tribunal case giving her the right to refuse to officiate at civil partnership ceremonies for homosexual and lesbian couples on the grounds of her religious beliefs; further notes that civil partnerships are legally not the same as Christian marriage; further notes that the Holy Scriptures are entirely silent on the question of civil partnerships; notes with concern that the case could set a precedent for any public servant refusing to treat all members of the public equally because of self-defined religious beliefs; believes that no public servant should be allowed to discriminate on this arbitrary basis; and, should this case not be reversed on appeal, calls on the Government to clarify and, if necessary, amend the law to guard the public against discrimination and prejudice by public servants in the future.

Yet another trade unionist murdered in Colombia

Good to see Ingrid Betancourt is free, yes the FARC must end their war and release kidnap Colombia a state where workers and peasants can live without fear, no it isnt.

This was in the Morning Star, Colombia remains in the grip of death squads....COLOMBIAN opposition party Polo Democratico warned that “liberty and the right to organise still do not exist in Colombia” on Wednesday after the body of Colombian trade unionist Guillermo Rivera Fuquene was found on a rubbish tip in the city of Ibague.

The Workers Confederation of Colombia said that Mr Rivera had disappeared on April 22 in Bogota after he had been detained by police.

He was the union representative for workers at an office in Bogota’s city administration and an activist for the left-wing Polo Democratico.

The confederation confirmed that Mr Rivera had been killed six days after he disappeared.

Polo Democratico revealed that witness statements confirmed that he had been seen with police officers shortly before he dis…

Greenest Tolpuddle


Vauxhall Green Candidate Supports Local Strikers

Had this from James, Joseph is a good friend, co convenor of Green Left and International Secretary of the Green Party of England and Wales.

Vauxhall Green Candidate Supports Local Strikers

Joseph Healy, the Green Party's Parliamentary Candidate for the Vauxhall Constituency today joined the picket lines in solidarity with Lambeth's local government workers who are striking over a government-imposed pay cut.

Across the country 600,000 local government workers - care assistants, refuse collectors, cleaners, teaching assistants and social workers - are taking industrial action because employers are demanding that they take a pay cut. The employers "final offer" amounted to just 2.45 per cent whilst food prices have risen 9 per cent in the last year and energy bills by 15 per cent.

The Green Party has a record of championing trade union activism, from defending attacks on public services to advocating the repeal of the anti-trade union laws introduced by the Conservatives …

Greens support Unison in Brighton

Lots more from us Greens on the GPTU blog

We had a great show of strength for the local govt strike today; The Royal Pavilion was successfully shut this morning (not sure how attempts to shut it this afternoon went) and both town halls had substantial numbers of pickets. I'd been on a picket from 8am till 9:30ish. There was also a large and very defiant lunchtime march and rally- GP had quite big profile. Cllr Ben Duncan gave speech below; no other political representation on march or at rally- shame the PA didn't work.

5am tomorrow for mass picket at local waste disposal unit and then picketting of all Council offices from 7:30am. Full council being picketted from 3:30pm- Tories charging ahead with the meeting; GP motion down to be discussed; Green councillors respecting picket line fully, expect only scabs to be on Tory benches but won't be surprised if other parties scab too.



Thanks to you all for coming out today in such number…


Professor. Mary Evelyn Tucker and Professor. John Grim of
the Yale University, Institution for Social and Policy Studies.
(The world's two leading eco theologians)
Penney Poyzer (BBC2 series presenter for "No Waste Like Home")

Date: Sunday 27th July 2008
Time: 10am - 5pm
Venue: Muslim World League, 46 Goodge Street, London W1P 1FJ
(Nearest Tube: Goodge Street Station)

One day meeting with all UK Islamic Environmental groups to
discuss activities, future events and strategies. The meeting will
be chaired by Sidi Fazlun Khalid, who is the founder and director
of the Islamic Foundation for Ecology and Environmental Sciences (IFEES).
Special screeing of IFEESs "Green Medina" campaign in Birmingham

About the speakers:

* All welcome * Organic / fair trade lunch plus tea and coffee

To register or for further enquires about event please contact:
Tel: 07956 983 609
E-mail: inf…

Picket Line blues

Had this comment on a post I put on socialist unity blog...needs thinking about, any more tales from the picket line folks.

I’ve just got back from a half hearted UNISON picket line at a School in Bromsgrove
Worcestershire…[and thankfully their was no sign of any 'royal' family. However, several UNISON members decided to act in an 'autocratic' fashion which I think needs to be discussed.
Despite the fact that the picket was at the rear of the school [the staff car park]
a group of about 20 mainly ‘bad boys’ who are basically ‘failed’ by the school came round nervously and tentatively… Basically they wanted to support the picket and were testing the water. I handed one of the lads a “Offical Picket” sign and offered to take a photo in a light hearted fashion… his face started to beam with a great smile at this moment of ‘inclusion’ ‘recognition’ or whatever when the UNISON rep literally shouted “NO! We don’t want the kids involved”…. ‘especially not them’.

It saddens me dee…

Open statement and invitation to the trade union movement from the Climate Camp

climate camp - networking group | 14.07.2008 18:50

An invitation to the trade union movement to engage in a dialogue with the Camp for Action.

As you may be aware the Camp for Climate Action will be happening near Kingsnorth in Kent, august 3 -11th 2008.

The camp is an open event to which all are welcome to attend and debate issues about how we can stop climate change. We will also explore practical examples of how we can live, work and take decisions together, in truly democratic and sustainable ways.

We aim to shut down Kingsnorth power station on the 9th of August for one day. We want to clarify that this action is not against the workers at Kingsnorth, nor does it mean we think the UK coal industry should be shut down overnight. It means we want to show the seriousness of the threat both to humans and our environment, now and into the future. This crisis affects the world’s poorest people first and hardest and is a social justice issue. We feel that we must take collective, political…

Solidarity with Local Government strikers!


Solidarity with Local Government strikers!


On the eve of the industrial action in local Government, Media Officer for LGBTGreens, Phelim Mac Cafferty stated:

“LGBT Greens wish to commend the sterling work of local govt workers- the emptying of bins, the cleaning of our authority's schools, the conduct of marriages and civil partnerships, the care of our city's parks, the safety of our food and the care of our children in nurseries and schools and so much more is conducted by local govt workers.

Phelim continued:

“It is in the context of inflation (up 4.3%), some fuel bills up by over a tenth, fuel up nearly a quarter, milk 17% and bread 9%, we ask why the Local Government Association has offered a pay 'rise' of 2.45% to local govt workers. This signifies a significant pay cut and comes on the back of 10 years of below-inflation pay 'rises'.

“It is in such a climate that the tr…

London pollution levels break safety barrier

I had this from Jean Lambert MEP for London, basically pollution levels in many parts of the city are well over what they should be, my fear is that with Boris the buffon, the only cyclist who is in love with Jeremy Clarkson, emissions will head upwards. He has scrapped increased charges for SUVs, scrapped the pedestrianisation of Westminister and while motorbikes are better than cars...his plan to let them share cycle lanes looks like a step backwards.

It would be nice if the 'green' Tories actually introduces some shallow environmentalism rather than continuing with all the usual locura.

PM10....tiny tiny tiny particles of matter are of course generated not just by traffic but incinerators, those may the reason for the New Cross figure below.

Air quality in London monitoring site here

Any way on to Jean

Government set to further fail Londoners over poor air quality

- Worst sites for air pollution in London revealed

In the light of new research into air pollution across London, Jea…

Saving Bankers While Homeowners Fall

[col. writ. 6/29/08] (c) '08 Mumia Abu-Jamal

Throughout the presidential primaries, while politicians amassed millions from both corporate and private sources, how many times did you hear the sub-prime lending disaster discussed?

Over a million homeowners, most of them Black or brown, faced foreclosures and the loss of their most valuable financial asset, and most politicians passed over it in relative silence, while they begged or lied for votes.

How can this be, unless they, like most pols, were the paid for property of corporations?

When the sub-prime mess hit, in a matter of hours, the Federal Reserve Board's head, Ben Bernanke, slipped $200 billion in government guarantees to keep the mortgage loan industry afloat. Thus, the U.S. government used its power to back the banks' hustling of what were essentially junk bonds.

A fifth of a trillion bucks to back those who ripped off a million people with loans designed to fail; and for those who got ripped of…

AN AMERICAN engineering firm involved in building nuclear warheads could become part of a trust running Ossett Schools

Well apologies to Alan Wheatley....I have been slow on this, busy with by-elections, etc!

Hi, Derek

At 19:47:58 +0100 on Fri, 27 June you wrote:

wow this [School row goes nuclear] is a big story, thanks!

I'd be interested to know what you are going to do/write about it elsewhere? )I've seen no reference to the story on your another-green-world blogspot.)



derek wall wrote:

wow this is a big story, thanks!

Date: Fri, 27 Jun 2008 19:47:58 +0100
Subject: Fwd: School row goes nuclear

Hi, Derek

I just spotted the following, that I'm sure you will find of interest:
Schools row goes nuclear
Friday, 20 June 2008
AN AMERICAN engineering firm involved in building nuclear warheads could become part of a trust running Ossett Schools.
Jacobs Engineering Group could be involved in the plan by nine schools to link up with businesses to run affairs outside local authority control.

Festival celebrates murder music

Straight Pride is Homophobic Pride

Organisers are proud to be anti-gay

London - 14 July 2008

A small, self-selected group of reggae labels, promoters and artists
have announced that they will hold a Straight Pride Parade in New York
on 31 August 2008, in defence of homophobia and anti-gay lyrics that
incite violence against lesbian and gay people:

Commenting on the planned Straight Pride, gay human rights campaigner
Peter Tatchell, a spokesperson for OutRage! and the Stop Murder Music
campaign, said:

"The US is a free country. Let them have their misnamed Straight Pride
Parade. They say it is a celebration of heterosexuality, but really
it's a promotion of straight supremacism. Their parade is driven by a
homophobic agenda. They defend artists who incite hatred and violence
against LGBT people.

In their news release, the organisers promote a song by the singer
Stapler called "Hit Them Hard," which openly advocates violence

Cynthia McKinney wins official nomination

Earth First! Gathering appeal

The Haltemprice and Howden has both exausted me and inspired me. I want to help more good party candidates at by-elections, Shan was great, good vote in a very Tory bit of Yorkshire....lots of people were inspired by her.

One consequence is I bumped into Colin, who is one of the local DAN activists and as well as the diy direct action/disability campaign mischief and a keen sense of Foucault (politics of Foucault is a debate for another day) and Illich, Colin mucked in with the by-election.

Good approach, a lot of people don't like political parties and are worried about them going the way of El Oligarchy but if you can get involved in elections where necessary that is sound.

Any way he sent me an Earth First! appeal, I used to do a bit of EF! stuff and in UK they have been really great...not like the Malthusian population bombers of the original EF in the US like Dave Foreman.

Hey lovely people,

I'm being a bit cheeky here, basically asking if you are up for taking on
helping in a…


The Greens are heading towards their best by-election result ever, beating the 6.1% in Vauxhall in 1989, and in the process giving David Davis and the Tories a scare in the Haltenprice and Howden by-election. The Greens are the main challenger to Davis, challenging his claim to be the defender of British civil liberties.

Dr. Derek Wall, who is campaigning in the constituency today, said

"David Davis is taking the people of Haltemprice and Howden for granted with this stunt, but he may find that he will not have the election completely his own way.

"Many voters find his illiberal stance on 28 days detention without charge, support for capital punishment and support for Section 28 just too much to swallow. The Greens' candidate Shan Oakes is the only option available to those voters.

"There's more to civil liberties than one vote in Parliament; it's not okay for the government to lock you up for four weeks without even telling you what you're supposed t…

Catholic Church slams 'too gay' Cuba

Matthew Stiles sent me this on the socialist unity blog..thanks Matthew. A good change in Cuba, although I am disappointed there was no pride march in Havana, right lets get back to the by-election campaign.

The Catholic Church seems to think that the Govt is too pro-gay. From Associated Press:
Cuban church protests support for gay rights

Jun 24, 2008

HAVANA (AP) — Cuba's Roman Catholic Church on Tuesday protested the communist government's growing support of gay rights, including a daylong event raising awareness against homophobia and a law allowing sex-change operations.

"Respect for the homosexual person, yes," said an editorial in Palabra Nueva, the monthly magazine of the Archdiocese of Havana. "Promotion of homosexuality, no."

The editorial signed by magazine director Orlando Marquez referred to activities held May 17 by Cuba's Sex Education Center, which is directed by Mariela Castro, daughter of President Raul Castro.

The center also announced this …

Ruth Kelly delays Heathrow decision

I am in Haltemprice and have canvassed for eight hours, Shan Oakes is a brilliant Green Party candidate, I am so pleased to be up here and trying to persuade the voters for her.

The Green Party is best at the grassroots...anyway John Hunt just sent me this, thanks John, John is another grassroots green party good person

Having received a request from a local journalist for a comment on
Ruth Kelly's announcement that she's delaying a decision on Heathrow
expansion from August to the end of the year, here's the soundbite
I've sent. Please reuse and recycle anything that seems useful. --

Although the G8 summit in Hokkaido has agreed only a 50% reduction
of global emissions by 2050, [described by Oxfam as "tepid"], it must
slowly be dawning even on the ultra-obstinate Ruth Kelly that the
prospects of climate change, peak oil, and impending national and
global recession are not auspicious for any expansion of aviation.

Aviation is not the sole climate change boge…
Thanks to Philip Leicester

Loughborough Greens

for giving me this link....we in the Green Party need to be thinking more about ecology...although I guess internal democracy is going to be a very very big issue for us!

Any way...10 minutes out of the house and off to Haltemprice for the by-election, Shan Oakes campaign has energised more people especially from outside the Green Party than I have seen for years...really glad to be supporting her.

right on to the agro pain

Allotment holders and vegetable growers across the country have been reporting crops failing and being killed following the addition of manure to the land. Some crops, like potatoes are very badly effected whereas others are less affected.

It appears that the problem is linked to a new herbicide (a hormone weedkiller) aminopyralid being used by the farmers.

The most sensitive crops affected are:

The list is not exclusive - these are just the plants most affected .

My understandi…

200,000 sterilized in Peru in 2000