17 May 2010

Derek Wall endorses Labour leadership candidate.

Dear John,

thanks for trying to stand for Labour leader.

'John McDonnell would make a wonderful leader of the Labour Party. He is one of the few politicians who understands that free market solutions have run of steam and that we need an economy that values people not just short term profit. We have seen amazing changes in Latin America, where the once exhausted and discredit left, have swept to power with a new vision of 21st century socialism. John is a 21st century socialist, not a 20th century old leftist or a discredit New Labour figure. He speaks out against spending cuts, the insanity of Trident, for the NHS, trade union rights and the environment.

I have been impressed by his commitment to his constituents and the leadership he has shown fighting against a new runway at Heathrow. John increased his majority at the General Election, something that all of us should welcome. He has the potential to renew the left in Britain and to build new alliances for necessary change.'

best wishes,


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Anonymous said...

I thought Derek Wall was a member and supporter of the Green Party! Aren't there rules about him supporting another political party? If not there should be. It is clear that he is nothing more than a Marxist entryist and that his Green Left group hardly has the best interests of the Green Party at heart.........