20 Feb 2014

Barton Moss anti-fracking camp to be evicted on Friday 21st Feb

(just had this)
Everyone who is against fracking and can make themselves free is asked to come to Barton Moss this Friday 21st, at 9am or as soon after as you can get there. There is a court hearing about the eviction notice, come to the camp to show solidarity and hopefully stop some lorries.
If you can't come on Friday, there is a "gig the rig" event at 1.30pm on Sunday 23rd, which is the day Peel want the campers evicted (though we think things are unlikely to happen so quickly- at Balcombe the process took months and the campers left of their own accord after drilling finished.)

Finally- please put in your diaries a region wide demonstration against fracking in Manchester on Sunday March 9th- more details to follow.

Thanks, see you soon
Judy (Greater Manchester Campaign against Climate Change)

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