1 Apr 2010

Binfield keep it green

Binfield, which is on the edge of Windsor constituency, closer to Bracknell, looks likely to be drowned in a sea of concrete.

Our green and pleasant is fast disappearing.

Binfield parish council have undertaken a vigorous 'Save our Village' campaign.

On the door steps there is a lot of voter anger about the thousands of houses being rammed into the area. Binfield will be absorbed into Bracknell and the countryside will disappear.

Please support their efforts to protect the community, you can find out more here.

I think Binfield gets a raw deal in the parliamentary elections, it is not naturally part of Windsor and I think it can be forgotten by candidates running for Windsor constituency.

When it comes to housing, we should be work to use the many empty homes in Britain, campaigning in the constituency I have seen empty homes boarded up in Ascot by the race course and in Windsor.

An empty home left to rot is a crime, it fuels the destruction of the countryside and makes it more difficult for people to find affordable dwellings,

Consultation on the planned destruction of the countryside around Binfield continues until 9th April, take a look at the Binfield Village Protection Society website here

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Concerned Binfield Resident said...

Please help save the beauty and integrity of our surroundings and community in Binfield. The filling in of green spaces between Binfield and Bracknell will mean we become a suburb of Bracknell and beautiful spaces like Pope's Meadow and the Blue Mountain Golf course will be swamped with concrete. The only way to stop this is to get the central government to stop putting out silly numbers of required new builds (numbers that are based on data that is 10 years old and not applicable now). We have a new development in Bracknell (Jennets Park) and they can't even sell all those 'affordable' homes - why build more? We need Government help to get these proposed developments stopped - any suggestions?

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