9 Mar 2014

Lucha Indigena editorial number one.

I have just been sent this translation of the Editorial of the first issue of the Peruvian newspaper Lucha Indigena, 'Indigenous Fight' edited by my good friend Hugo Blanco.  If you want to support or read Lucha Indigena please look at the website


One of our country's biggest problems is the discrimination that exists against native (indigenous) peoples in all aspects of society.  Native people form a majority of the populace if we include acculturated natives, who also suffer many forms of discrimination.  Fortunately the aboriginal peoples have been struggling against oppression ever since the European invasion, never giving up, and in many ways we have been able to make the oppressors retreat.  Recently we have achieved some important advances.
          The Peruvian native peoples' struggle is an integral part of the more general rebellion throughout the continent and the rest of the world.  It is a struggle of aboriginal peoples against the oppressors' eurocentrism that is shared by the dominant culture in the United States.  In the eurocentric view, European-Yankee culture is superior, representative of all that is "modern", while others are "backward" and "archaic".
          This view is a tool in the hands of the big corporations that rule the world.  It aids them in keeping the support of the oppressed European and Europeanized peoples against us.  We regard it as our task to bring those people -- who are oppressed by the same forces that are keeping us down -- over to our side.
          A fundamental feature of the great majority of native people in rebellion in our continent is their non-exclusionary outlook.  That is, we are not fighting against non-natives but against the discrimination and marginalization of which we are victims.
          This publication aims to serve as one of the movement's voices, but we make no claim to be the only one.  Fortunately, this struggle has many expressions, especially through the internet.  We will report on the struggles of trade unions and other organizations that work in favor of aboriginal peoples.  It is founded in a time of electoral campaigns, but our objective is not to participate in electioneering.  We see elections as important, but they can also serve to divide us, and we intend to be broad and inclusive.
          There is no denying that recent events in Bolivia have been a major stimulus in founding Lucha Indígena.  For the first time in our continent there is a national president of native heritage who has not turned his back on his race.
          We hope to have the support of all -- whether native or not -- who share our determination to put an end to the unjust discrimination against our native populace.  We call for collaboration in editing this publication.  We ask you to send us news of the native struggle -- we repeat, the struggle -- as every day we must fight a flood of abuses.  We especially want news of exceptionally strong attacks on native peoples and their responses.
          We also need distributors.  And we need economic support, as we have no means.  All who want to help in this way can deposit into Banco de Crédito account no. 285-14217265-0-39 (soles) or no. 285-10047249-1-02 (dollars).
          With your help, we are confident of success.

3 Mar 2014

Book launch 'The Sustainable Economics of Elinor Ostrom' tues 11 March, 2014.

 'The Sustainable Economics of Elinor Ostrom' by Derek Wall, 5pm to 7pm Room RHB 137, Goldsmiths College, University of London.

Tuesday 11th March.

Author: Derek Wall

Discussant : Dr Paul Gunn.

All welcome!

Book preview here  http://www.ewidgetsonline.net/dxreader/Reader.aspx?token=d4f2dc507ec9468ebf0cf6db845e96e7&rand=2027094695&buyNowLink=&page=&chapter

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