4 May 2015

KNK/PIK appeal to all parliamentary candidates

KNK/PIK appeal to all parliamentary candidates

How do you view the conduct of the
 Turkish government in general, and President Erdogan’s behaviour in particular,
 with regards to the peace process?

 I am concerned by a move towards authoritarianism under President Erdogan and failure to engage with the peace process.
 Do you agree that in order for the peace process to have any chance of
 success, the PKK must be unbanned in order to be able to negotiate as an equal
 partner, as the Apartheid regime had to do in South Africa in 1990?

 The PKK should be unbanned, it is promoting peace and the peace process can only proceed by engagement.

By banning the PKK, isn’t the British government simply criminalising our
 community? And is it not supporting the repression of Kurdish people in Turkey
 and justifying Turkey’s human rights abuses?

Even if the PKK ban was justified, which it is in my opinion not, this is no excuse for criminalising Kurdish people.

 Do you agree that Ocalan should be released from solitary confinement in
 order to be able to communicate with all parties in the peace process and play
 his crucial role in negotiations? Is Turkish government showing any commitment
 to the peace process at all by keeping in solitary confinement?

 I strongly agree that Ocalan should be released. Ocalan is the Kurds Nelson Mandela, the peace process would be advanced by his release.

Furthermore, the conditions of Ocalan’s have been shown to be equal to torture
as defined by the European Court of Human Rights. Would you use your
 influence in government to press Turkey to be held accountable for violations
 of his human rights?

 Yes I would, the UK is uncritical of Turkish policy towards the Kurds and on human rights, this must change.

 Do you agree that the UK government has the responsibility to hold Turkey to
 international standards of human rights? What would you do to stop the UK
 government’s own anti-terror laws leading this country’s human rights record
 down a slippery slope?

The Green Party especially via the work of Jenny Jones has a strong record on defending human rights, it is vital that we continue this work.  The UK has already proceed in a direction where human rights are increasingly disregarded.  I am proud of Jean Lambert MEP and Jenny Jones in showing long term solidarity with the Kurds.

 What is your position on the role of the Turkey in the Syrian conflict in
 general, and towards the Kurdish regions of Syria in particular?

In my opinion it is sadly negative, its shocking that, for example, Turkey made it difficult for people to cross the border to help during the seige of Kobane

 Do you agree that Rojava has the right to self-determination within a
 federal and democratic Syria? Would you push the UK government to recognise the
 right to Rojava to exist? Do you agree that the Rojava administration has the
 right to participate in peace talks as its own bloc, and not part of the Syrian
 National Council? Do you agree that any proposal for the future of Syria must
 take the demands for self-determination by the Rojava administration seriously?

 I do, Rojava is a shining example to the world of an attempt to create secular, non sectarian, deep democracy.  We can all learn from Rojava.

Can you commit to pursuing any possible means for ensuring humanitarian aid
 from the UK provided for the people of Rojava, and to encouraging UK-based aid
 organisations to work with Rojava based humanitarian organisations such as
 Heyva Sor?

 I will and personally I have donated to Heyva Sor

Dr Derek Wall, Green Party candidate Windsor.

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