16 Jun 2009

SOAS occupation news from green left and spiked on line

I don't usually reference spiked on line positively, when I want a bit of right side thinking I always reach for my Economist...nonetheless I am glad Joseph let me know about this.

An account of the protest and occupation. Like Pete, I was very moved by
the speeches yesterday and the woman in her cell in Yarls Wood being
encouraged by the cheering crowd. "It is only your support that is keeping
me going" she said via the mobile. I suppose I am just an old fashioned
idealist. After all, Rosa Luxembourg was moved to tears by the beating of
a horse and the grinding down of poor migrants who have the temerity to
challenge their exploiters is a cause for tears.



The students have today been served with a court injunction giving them
two hours to vacate the director’s offices. Yet Richard Reynolds, a
student from the University of East Anglia who rushed down from Norwich to
lend his support to the occupation, reports that – despite a sleepless
night and the power having been cut to the directorate rooms – the
occupying students are upbeat and determined. In solidarity with the
remaining cleaners, they even tidied the offices this morning and provided
the cleaners with cups of tea. They are currently devising a set of
demands, including the recognition that ‘people are people wherever they
are’ and ‘there’s no such thing as an “illegal”’.

As Reynolds puts it, ‘It sets a dangerous precedent for universities to
give up their independence and compromise their staff in such a cowardly
way as soon as the border police come knocking. The problem with Refugee
Week as it currently stands is that it is too narrow. Let’s make it “No
Borders Week”, and champion the freedom for everyone to go wherever they
like in order to make a better life for themselves and their families.’

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