12 Jul 2010

Greens are on the Ballot in Texas but 'persecuted by an ongoing witchhunt'

"I've been disappointed to watch the Democratic Party leadership use the courts as a political and media arena. The Green Party is clearly within the limits of the law, and yet we and our supporters are being persecuted by an ongoing witchhunt. Our top priority now is to move forward with the 2010 campaign, and we hope that the Supreme Court will rule in a way that allows us to do so without further harassment," stated Christine Morshedi, co-chair of Green Party of Texas.

We continue to object to the current scheme of corporate sponsorship of elections, which results in Texas Democrat and Republican Parties accepting millions of dollars from for-profit corporations each election cycle, as evidenced by the corporate sponsorship banners that routinely adorn the walls of their state conventions. We call, without reservation, for an end to corporate participation in elections in the United States, and, indeed, for the termination of the misguided notion of corporate personhood(2).

You may not think this is news but the USA is strikingly undemocratic. In different states there are different rules for ballot access. In Texas the Green Party has had to collect 92,000 signatures and go through a huge legal battle just to have the words Green Party appear on the ballot paper.

American voters simply don't get the choice that voters have in other countries. In the UK we have a far from fair electoral system but to contest a General Election at constituency level, one needs just 10 signatures and a deposit of £500.

In the USA democracy is not plural. Its a two party state, if you want to vote third party this is often impossible or just a 'write in' option.

I don't think the USA can lecture the rest of the world about democracy....and then there is question of cash, the US system stinks of dollars.

Do take a look at the Texas Greens website here and if you are local get involved.

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