• Public Debate with Speakers from the Green Council Group, Brighton Stop the Cuts Coalition, Council Unions + More.

    This important meeting will be debating with the leading Green Councillors how we can defend jobs and services in Brighton. Millions of pounds of cuts are being asked of the Green Council by central government as the Tory/Liberal Coalition turns a failure of unregulated free market banking into a slash and burn policy of cuts and privatisation to our public services.

    Is the Greens current budget the best response to this possible?

    How can the people of Brighton best launch a mass campaign to get the funding being stolen from our city returned? Does the council have a role in this?

    Should the council be trying to limit the damage or standing up and refusing to vote cuts through?

    What can be done to support anti-cuts campaigns and union action?

    We would very much encourage all those who work for, or use, council services to come along. We very much encourage every campaigning group in the city to come and ask questions and explain there campaign, even if the cuts are not directly related to the council budget.

    This meeting is not just a debate however, the most important thing is getting organised and getting a strategy to Stop the Cuts!