13 Jul 2012

Paraguay anti-coup picket next wednesday in London

 On 21st june the president of paraguay, ex bishop fernando lugo mendez, was de- 
posed by a pseudo-legal inpeachment organized by the right wing dominated congress. 
In 24 hrs it concocted a case based on false accusations and no evidence . This would not 
be accepted in any respected court of the world. 

 Lugo’s government, even with the systematic attack mounted by paraguay’s most 
conservative sectors, the colorado party, the liberal party and the oviedistas (follow- 
ers of the fascist general oviedo) managed to create a new progresive movement: “the 
frente guazu” (big front)which could unite the people for the coming presidential elec- 
tions in april 2013 and defeat the candidates of the right. 

The paraguayan parliamentary coup de etat is part of usa imperial forces’ plan to 
desestabilize the new progessive tendencies predominant in latinamerica. The military 
coup in honduras was 3 years ago. After came the attempted coup in ecuador, then the 
defeat of the left in chile where more sophisticated means of propaganda and psycologi- 
cal war, were used in order to confuse part of the electorate. 
Presented with the new offensive of the old latin american oligarquies who, with the  
support of the so called “clinton democracy , try to return to the old style usa rule. 

We call all democratic and progressive organizations in britain to support action 
against the new paraguayan junta. 

Against the coup d’ etat in paraguay!! 
For the inmediate restitution of democracy!! 
 For the total international isolation of the  
paraguayan golpistas!! 
Frente de Defensa de la Democracia en el Paraguay (Britain) 
Please come to the picket on Wednesday 18 July, 12:30 -13:30 in front of the Paraguayan 
Embassy - 344 high Street Kensington, London W14 8NS, corner with Addison Road. TUBE High 
St Kensington, a 13 minute walk west or take any bus heading towards Hammersmith and get 
off at Warwick Gardens stop, then walk on to next crossroads and it’s on the right. 
Offers of help with the picket banners and placards, etc  welcomed to FDD 

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