25 Jul 2013

Candidates for Green Party Executive elections 2013

                  Ballots will go out with Green World the Green Party Magazine in August to all members of the party.
You can vote Reopen Nominations for candidates you don't like.

Sam Coates as Elections Coordinator,  would greatly improve our election work and I hope he is elected.
I would be very happy with Peter Barnett as Internal Comms but will vote for my friend Simon Hales, an ex-anti roads activist I think he is just what the executive needs with the campaign against fracking becoming so vital and he has the IT/comms skills.

The following valid nominations for Green Party Executive posts to be elected to serve for two years (2013-2015) have been received:

Chair. Richard Mallender

Equality & Diversity Co-ordinator: Shan Oakes & Jack McGlen (job share)

Finance Co-ordinator: Michael Coffey

Internal Communications Co-ordinator:
Peter Barnett
Simon Hales

Local Party Support Co-ordinator: Emily Blyth

No valid nominations were received for: Policy Development Co-ordinator, Publications Co-ordinator.

The following valid nominations for Green Party Executive posts to be elected to serve for one year (2013-2014) have been received:

Chair: Richard Mallender

Elections Co-ordinator:
Sam Coates
Geoff Smith & Sam Riches (job share)

The booklet containing candidate statements is attached. Ballot papers will be distributed with Green World. The deadline for the return of ballot papers is 12noon on Friday 30 August.

(I am currently International Coordinator of the Green Party)

Derek Wall

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the vote of confidence Derek, although I believe my tree-climbing days are behind me now I have to hold down a full-time job :-) I certainly look forward to being able to use my IT skills in the service of the Green Party though.

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