6 Nov 2008

Capleton Concert cancelled in Basel, Switzerland

Capleton Concert cancelled in Basel, Switzerland

Singer broke Reggae Compassionate Act agreement

Basel – Switzerland – 6 November 2008

A major reggae concert with the Jamaican singer Capleton, that had
been scheduled to take place tonight (6 November) in Basel,
Switzerland, has been cancelled by the organisers, according to the
local LGBT rights group, Homosexuelle Arbeitsgruppen Basel (HABS).

HABS, together with "Stop Murder Music Bern", opposed the concert
because Capleton has performed songs encouraging violence against
lesbian and gay people, in violation of his commitment to abide by the
terms of the Reggae Compassionate Act (RCA) – an agreement that he
signed in early 2007, whereby he undertook to not perform "murder
music" songs any more.

"Stop Murder Music Bern" was able to prove that after he signed the
RCA Capleton has performed songs that incite homophobic violence,
including during last year's Christmas Extravaganza concert in

Evidence of Capleton breaking the RCA:

Capleton, a Jamaican dancehall singer, was booked to give a concert in
the Kaserne, an alternative music venue in Basel, Switzerland.

Because of his act of bad faith in violating the RCA, which he signed
and promised to uphold, the venue cancelled his performance.

HABS and SMM Berne are now demanding that Capleton publicly apologise
and make a renewed statement in support of the rights and welfare of
homo, bi and transsexual people.

"The Stop Murder Music campaign gave Capleton a chance to continue his
career unimpeded if he agreed to stop inciting the murder of lesbian
and gay people. He signed the RCA and promised to abide by it. But he
has carried on as before, stirring up homophobic hatred and violence.
We feel tricked, betrayed and cheated," said Peter Tatchell, UK
coordinator of the Stop Murder Music (SMM) campaign.

"Congratulations to the Swiss campaigners for getting his concert
pulled. Performers who promote the killing of other human beings
should not be rewarded with concerts, money and stardom.

"This is the latest of scores of concert cancellations secured by our
SMM activists around the world. We have targeted eight Jamaican
dancehall singers whose lyrics glorify, encourage and promote the
murder of lesbian and gay people. Their incitements are criminal
offences. Our aim is to show these artists that homophobia doesn't
pay. It has a damaging financial consequence," added Mr Tatchell.

HABS has sent an open letter to Capleton:

There are other concerts planned with Capleton in Lausanne,
Switzerland, on 8 November.

Stop Murder Music - Protest against the Capleton- Concert in Lausanne:

More than a dozen Capleton concerts are scheduled in France, starting
next week.

Different Swiss organizations are now calling for cancelling the
concert in Lausanne. More information from Stop Murder Music Bern:

Press-release from HABS 5 November 2008



Anonymous said...

wanted you to know that your blog has helped open the eyes of activists in california, who had been mistakenly led to believe that this artist was actually honoring the agreement he signed. thank you!

Derek Wall said...

thanks but the work here has done by my good friend Peter Tatchell!

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