21 Nov 2008

Your local BNP members

A very good statement from Jean Lambert on the ex Green Party members on the infamous list.

I also think the photo above should clear up any confusion on this matter....racists and homophobes don't tend to find the Green Party in tune with their prejudices, rare that they join, rare that they stay and after due procedure they would be expelled any way.

Plenty of Tories, UKIP and I am told Labour and Lib Dems on the infamous list, I am told, nearly forget to mention ex-Tories, UKIP, Labour, Lib Dem...

Responding to the news that two former Green Party members have been reported as being linked to the BNP, Jean Lambert, Green MEP for London, who is a well-known advocate for equal rights and an outspoken voice against racism, said:

"Let there be no doubt that the Green Party stands firmly against both racism and anti-Semitism. The Green Party has long fought for equality for all, supported the rights of migrant workers and spoken out against fascism and racism. People with those views are not welcome in the Green Party."


Mike said...

Sadly the Green Party lacks a simple mechanism for declining membership applications from people whose attitudes and views are opposed to the principles and policies of the Party. The result can be months of disruption for hard working party activists whilst they deal with the consequences.

The party needs to give its local parties the right to politely decline membership applications where there is evidence that the applicant has been active in campaigns or other events which are against the policies of the party, or have been active in other political parties.

Anonymous said...

To Mike (comment above)
I have been an active member of the Green Party for the past couple of years. I openly came from another political party that, I felt, did not represent my views. (My views had moved to the left and the party, i felt, were also moving rightward). I felt the Green Party best represented my own national and world view and so I joined. I have done my fair share for my local party. Leafleted local newsletters in our target ward, have campaigned during cold dark winters evenings for a by-election and have helped out at fundraisers. I have also helped out in 2 of the 3 target constituencies. However, as I stated above, I was active in another political party once. Should my membership have never been allowed in the first place?

Anonymous said...

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