17 Feb 2010

Awajún-Wampis, Sequoia-Boras and Harakmbut fight to win!

Avatar...I know them, they are my friends! vid from last year but gives you the idea and gringos its in english!

The indigenous in Peru stop oil and coal extraction, stop the destruction of the Amazon, fight against climate change and combining their traditional skills with the use of the net, web, non-violent direct action and where appropriate legal challenges....fight to win.

I salute them, they constantly amaze me....wonderful people with a focussed ability to serve their own enlightened self-interest and protect the mother earth from corporate assaults (two sides of the same task!)

They are the one good news story on the planet when it comes to serious green politics....there is a simple measure of whether some is serious about climate change....do they stand with the Awajun and Wampis and the other indigenous!

Or not!

This is my rubbish translation from their website...spread the word about the lucha indigena.

Awajún-Wampis, Sequoia-Boras and Harakmbut
in struggle to defend their territories

AIDESEP, 16 February 2010. Awajún-Wampis peoples, Sequoia-Boras and Harakmbut are up in arms for the defense of ancestral land for the welfare of the planet.

The situation has been further exacerbated by recent government decisions to grant concessions on indigenous lands for exploration and mining and oil without prior consultation of the people as demanded by law.

The population-Wampis Awajún Cenepa (Amazon) calls for four years the return of 88.744 acres that the State took for a national park in Ichigkat Muja to give mining concessions to Aphrodite.

In the case of Sequoia-Boras, for four years with the application for Güeppi, the area is transformed into a national park. In the south of the Amazon, which is populated by the Harakmbut Inambari (Mother of God) remains vigilant to prevent oil company Hunt Oil re-entering the communal reserve Amarakaeri.

These people have indicated to the central government authorities that they do not accept mining or oil on their land.

Zebelio Kayap, president of the Organization for the Development of Border Communities Cenepa - ODECOFROC said two weeks ago that Awajún-Wampis communities are tired of no response to messages sent to the Ministry of Energy and Mines.

"We asked them why they gave permission for entry into the mining Aphrodite and what concessions the Cordillera del Condor after we signed a record with INRENA to build the park there Ichigkat Muja in an area of 152 hectares, after cut without regard to document signed, "he said, noting that the Cordillera del Condor is a valuable territory for the survival of the natives and also for hosting the revered holy Kumpanam Hill.

Cenepa Awajún peoples reaffirmed its position: to require the Peruvian State to comply with the act establishing the park in the area were ordered and delegated its monitoring and administration. They also seek to revoke mining concessions in the Cenepa for violating the right to consultation set out in ILO Convention 169 and the withdrawal of Aphrodite and Dorato companies.

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