8 Feb 2010

Protest against Zionist greenwash event with David Bellamy

On Tuesday evening, the Zionist Federation are holding an event, celebrating Israel's contribution to the environment. Their guest will be David Bellamy; all the other speakers are Israeli scientists. We however, know a different story- that in the West Bank and Gaza, Israel has destroyed trees and polluted the ground and water. BRICUP (British Committee for Universities in Palestine) has written to David Bellamy, asking him to pull out.

Join us outside Logan Hall, Institute of Education, Bedford Way London WC1H 0AL on Tuesday 9 February from 6pm

and pass this message on.

You will have heard about this outrageous attempt by the Zionist Federation to ‘greenwash’ Israel – at any rate, you will have if you have looked at the February BRICUP Newsletter message.

It starts at 7pm, and doors are open from 6.30. BRICUP has organised a (peaceful) protest demonstration there, from 6pm. Please join us – and pass on the news to others.


Jessica Goldfinch said...

From Jessica Goldfinch.

Derek, just cutting and pasting my Facebook comments and what I found out about the speakers, you might find they're amenable:

"Zionist greenwash" :o) ,(not sure if to laugh or frown), steady on, this type of language is very sensationalist and used far too casually. As I've said before, looking at bad aspects of a country doesn't detract from good things & vice verca. It depends on the tone of meeting.
I think, if I could, I'd like to go and see for myself. If it turned into a right-wing-blinkered love-in; then fair cop, but I don't know what is planned or the motivation. I might try to get the timetable and investigate the speakers.
Done. Speakers: Prof. Yehouda Enzel - signatory to PACBI (Palestinian Campaign for the Academic & cultural Boycott of Israel) petition; Dr. Miriam Haran - for transenvironmental cooperation with Palestinians and Jordanians www.bren.ucsb.edu/news/events/haran.htm, ex-Director General of Israeli ministry for the Environment; Eyal Freud - young ... See morescientist, Earth Sciences Institute, Hebrew University. not sure if that indciates the tone of the meeting, but they appear to be a pretty balanced group. Useful I hope.

Derek Wall said...

thanks Jessica

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