15 Apr 2014

No to #TTIP Yes to Take Back the Power!

I have replied to several hundred requests for the 
Take Back the Power Pledge
as a Euro election candidate! 
Yep I have signed. No to TTIP! 
Dear Roger,

I have signed the Take Back the Power pledge (and had over four hundred emails 
asking me to!).

You can see that it is mainly Greens who have signed if you look here

The Green Party opposes TTIP
And as Green Party International Coordinator I served on the European Green
Party TTIP working group and spoke up for rejection of this dangerous  
treaty that will destroy the NHS and smash environmental/labour  

Trade must be about economic benefits not corporate control.

thanks for getting in touch,

Derek Wall

South East Green Party European Candidate http://www.segreens.com/

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Dr Derek Wall 
South East - Green 
Dear Dr Wall,
RE: Make trade work for people and planet. Request to sign Take Back the Power 
As a constituent of yours, I am writing to raise my concerns about the EU’s unfair 
trade and investment policy.  According to the Trade Justice Movement, EU trade 
and investment deals risk destroying jobs, small-scale industries and the livelihoods
of small farmers and businesses, as well as increasing environmental 
exploitation and the abuse of human rights. The deals will undermine developing 
countries’ efforts to provide for basic needs, reduce poverty, and develop in a way 
that is sustainable and protects the environment. Moreover, rules allow companies 
to avoid national courts and sue governments in unaccountable tribunals whenever 
they feel public policy will interfere with their current or anticipated profits. 
Not only does this deplete vital public funds but the threat of a costly legal 
dispute is sufficient to stop governments from introducing legislation in the 
public good.
MEPs must act now to ensure that trade and investment policy benefits people, 
the environment and development objectives. 
For more information about the EU’s trade and investment deals and the movement 
to promote an alternative trade and investment model visit: http://www.tjm.org.uk/
I am joining with others in the UK and across Europe in advance of the May 2014 
European Union elections to call MEP candidates to commit to take back the power. 
I urge you to sign the attached pledge - 
or you can sign online here: http://www.waronwant.org/power
to take action to bring about a full-scale re-think of the EU’s trade and investment policy. 
Yours sincerely,

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