19 Sept 2014

Emergency protest against ISIS, Turkish Embassy 12-3pm today

Urgent appeal to the world – Stop the brutal attacks by ISIS in KobanePress Statement
Since 15 September the Islamic State has been carrying out the heaviest attacks yet on the Kurdish population of the Canton of Kobanê in Rojava (Western Kurdistan). Weapons delivered by Turkey are being used as well as weapons looted during the recent violent sweep through North Iraq. Representatives of Kobanê report that the weapons are being delivered from Turkey to the Islamic State by train. The AKP government is openly supporting these attacks by ISIS before the eyes of the  world. Furthermore, an increased presence by the Turkish army is visible on the border with Kobanê.

Up to the time of writing (15.00 hours, 18.09.2014), 21 villages have had to be evacuated because of the attacks, and thousands of people have been forced to flee to the town centre of Kobanê.
If the attacks go on for too long, there is a danger that Kobanê will fall under the control of ISIS. The consequence would be the massacre of thousands of people, and hundreds of thousands would have to flee. At this moment an international alliance against ISIS is being discussed, and in this context we call on the world to break its silence about ISIS’s brutal attacks, and the international community must ensure that Turkey ends its open support of the Islamic State.  
 Salih Gedo, Foreign Minister of the Autonomous Self-Administration of Cizîrê (Jazireh)
 Abdulkarim Omar,   Speaker of the Autonomous Self-Administration of Cizîrê (Jazireh),

Join the protest tomorrow Friday 19 September 2014, 12-3pm at the Turkish Embassy
43 Belgrave Square, SW1X 8PA
For information:
Dr Alan Semo: ASemo <drasemo@hotmail.com>

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