4 Sep 2014

Green Party conference: A beginners guide

Conference runs from tomorrow, 5th September to Monday.  Green Party membership has risen by 30% this year and there will be more members coming to conference, I think, than ever before.  At least 750 at the latest count.

It may be a confusing experience for new members, so here are some thoughts. 

All attending members can vote on policy, the controversial area is energy where a long paper has been submitted, amendments to reverse our long standing anti-nuclear policy, will generate controversy.

The energy paper is likely to be discussed and voted on Saturday morning.

As well as policy and organisational motions there are conference speeches from our leader Natalie Bennett and from Caroline Lucas our MP and other leading members.

Plenaries are another aspect, glad to have the Bolivian ambassador talking about climate change along with Jean Lambert MEP.

There are numerous fringe events, I am chairing one on Rojava and the crisis in the Middle East, with Kurdish and Christian representatives on sunday at 2pm.

Sunday afternoon sees hustings and a ballot for party committees.

There is lots of socialising too and emergency motions, see you all at conference!

Lots of useful material including guide to policy making and time table here.

Already generating press coverage too http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/election-2015-green-party-want-to-give-disgruntled-leftwing-voters-a-new-voice-9709775.html

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