15 Jul 2016

Motion to Green Party conference Expressing Solidarity with Rojava.

Cβ 23. Expressing Solidarity with Rojava.

Proposed by Derek Wall*, Dee Searle, Kieron Merrett, Jack Mcglen, Emily Blyth. Synopsis This motion calls for Turkish government to end military assault on Kurdish communities in South East Turkey, advocates peace talks and calls for unbanning of PKK and freedom for Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan. This motion promotes solidarity with the Kurds in Rojava where they are promoting a selfgoverning ecological society,

Motion Add into RoPS

Oppose Turkish war against Kurds, solidarity with Rojava.

After a period of peace the Turkish leader Erdogen has carried out attacks against Kurdish communities in South East Turkey. This has reignited the war between the PKK and the Turkish state. We call on Turkish government to end its military assault on Kurdish community and for both Turkey and PKK to end the conflict and negotiated. The historic leader of the Kurds, Abdullah Ocalan has called for a move to purely non violent campaigns for Kurdish rights, he is currently held in solitary confinement. His release is vital on both humanitarian grounds and to promote peace with justice.

The Kurds of Syria created a self-governing territory in 2012, known as Rojava (Western Kurdistan, Syria), which includes three cantons, Kobane, Afrin and Jazire. Rojava, while predominantly Kurdish contains communities self-identifying as Syriacs, Arabs, Armenians, Christians and other groups The largest political party in Rojava, the Peoples Democratic Union (PYD), is the sister Party of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK). Both political parties are inspired by the ideas of the social ecologist Murray Bookchin and the writings of Abdullah Ocalan. Rojava is being governed with attention to principles shared with our Green Party including grassroots democracy, ecological economics and social justice. Rojava promotes secularism, pluralism and feminism. Described by some as the Chiapas of the Middle East it is a beacon of hope not only in the region but globally Sadly relations with neighbour Turkey are tense and Rojava has been assaulted by Islamic fundamentalists belonging to the so called Islamic State.

It is vital that the Green Party of England and Wales shows solidarity with Rojava, defends their revolution, supports its Charter and self-autonomy based on pluralism, freedom of belief, gender equality and democracy as a model for all of Syria and learns more about this rare example of an attempt to create a sustainable,self-governing and feminist society.

1 The Green Party of England and Wales calls on Turkey to recognise Kurdish aspirations for peace and self-determination, recognising Rojava and negotiating with the Kurdish communities for a full and just peace settlement.

 2 The Green Party of England and Wales supports the campaign to delist the PKK from the list of European Union and UK terrorist organisations.

3 The Green Party of England and Wales will promote greater understanding and solidarity with Rojava.

4, The Green Party of England and Wales calls for the Turkish state to end its assault on Kurdish communities in the South East of the country, for the release of Ocalan and for Turkish state, PKK and other relevant parties to agree a ceasefire and to negotiate for peace and justice."

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