2 Apr 2009

Cops allow destruction to gather pace

As I write the Ramparts social centre in East London is being evicted by the riot police.

13:04 Raid a t the Rampart centre ongoing. Legal observers were taken away and searched by FIT officers and threatened with arrest under anti-social behaviour legislation, the Riot police are focibly removing people. The riot police brough an embedded ITN news crew on the raid

Indonesian government representatives are to meet David Cameron today and have been in cordial discussion with Gordon Brown

He said the two governments had also agreed to continue cooperation in energy.

"I said it was good to have *energy cooperation*, especially *with* BP, to jointly develop environmentally friendly biofuels in Indonesia," he said.

Other issues on the agenda in the talks between Yudhoyono and Brown included cooperation in tourism, in counter-terrorism, and interfaith dialogues.

After meeting with the prime minister, Yudhoyono met with Conservative Party leader David Cameron.

The two events are two faces of the same dirty coin. Repress the radicals to allow accumulation to continue.

Across the web 'environmentalists' climb into bed with corporations like Tescos and McDonalds...hope they enjoy the experience and invest their cash wisely.

Real green politics is repressed, so corporations can wreck nature for a quick profit.

Indonesia is seeing literally thousands of land disputes as peasant farmers, indigenous people and the long suffering Oran Utans are kicked off their land so it can be logged for palm oil plantations, gold mines, etc.

The solutions to environmental crisis involved challenging the corporate destruction of the environment.

However from biofuels to carbon trading to corporate environmental greenwash, solutions are derailed.

Those like the climate camp who come up with calls to reject corporate control are beaten...others will no doubt be bought off.

So it goes on...but as it goes on it challenges the basic life support system of planetary ecology.

Report here on Indonesian police attacking church goers in West Papua..do Brown and Cameron care...of course not.

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