15 Apr 2009

Green Left meeting

Green Left is part of the Ecosocialist International functioning in England and Wales and of course the left and anti-capitalist network in the Green Party.

Green Left had a very good party conference and along with other ecosocialists we are putting lots of energy into trade union work, trade union activists are getting more interested in green production via alternative production.

Well you might think we are being a bit 'workerist' but hey how are we going to solve environmental problems without greening production!

A Visteon rep will be talking at the climate change trade union meeting on 25th April, hoping we may have some one from Visteon as well this saturday.

Incidentally I am away for the Green Left meeting because I am talking at a Cuba day school on saturday...our Latin American work continues with a new focus on the indigenous.

Green Left meetings our for members although other ecosocialist groups in England and Wales often send reps...we try to be non sectarian.

Green Left General Meeting on Saturday 18th April 2009 in the Lucas Arms, 254a Gray’s Inn Road, from 2pm to 6pm.


· Introductions and Apologies

· Speaker from Direct Action campaign (to be announced on the day, likely to be Visteon or Climate Camp)

· General Introduction to the Political and Economic situation in the UK and abroad followed by general discussion – Andy Hewett

· Minutes of the last General Meeting in Manchester and Matters Arising.

· Treasurer’s and Membership Secretary’s Reports – Pete Murry

Break (10 minutes)

· Adoption of People’s Charter by Green Left

· Slogan and by line for Green Left - one suggestion is ‘Workers for the World Unite’.

· Election of Campaigns and Youth Officers

· Report back from Stop the War Coalition (including anti- NATO demo at Strasbourg) – Joseph Healy

· Forthcoming campaigns – Romayne Phoenix

Break (10 minutes)

· Motions for Autumn Conference (deadline is May 31st)

· Internal Democracy and organisation in the party – Joseph Healy

· Housman’s bookshop event – Sean Thompson

· Any Other Business

Please note: The venue is only 5 minutes walk from King’s Cross or St Pancras stations. Due to the number of issues on the agenda, the meeting will commence at 2pm sharp. Accommodation for those travelling from outside London can be organised by approaching Sean Thompson.

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djinbrighton said...

Derek.I'm new to the internet,so I don,t know how to e-mail you.But I,m trying to get Brighton Greens,Students union,Norman Baker-local lib MP and socialists-to start a local campaign for a full public inquiry into Ian's death/G20 policing/IPCC lies/"we're up for it" incitement comment/BBC misreporting.I think we need public meetings,marches,vigils at police stations,letters in local papers,statements by local politicians & worthies/celebs,etc etc.All the left must work together on this.If the police are not pulled up over this,all future resistence to the recession's effects will be hampered by small violent demos excluding most people and the BNP will be the beneficiaries.If they can riot after a cop killing in Greece,we can at least demand a public inquiry.Very English I know,but at the moment the left is just talking to itself in cyberspace.We need to get off our computers and get out onto the streets.

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