3 Apr 2009

State Killings in the UK?

Evidence seems to be emerging that Ian Tomlinson may have been killed by the police.

If this is true, and we don't know yet, we can expect a cover up.

The British State only kill irregularly but they always get away with it. Think of UK state collusion with Loyalist death squads and the death of Rosemary Nelson.

Even the cock up's seem to lead to conspiracies.

Any way this is from a Salford newspaper

One female witness who wished to remain anonymous talked of “police brutality and heartlessness” and directly implicated members of the police force in the “murder” of the protester who, in tributes left outside the Royal Exchange in the city, was described as a “hero.”

She spoke of the “unwarranted” attack made by “masked policemen in riot gear.” After being struck in the head by a police baton she said the man was then bloodied and left unconscious on the street.

Ian Tomlinson collapsed in St Michael's Alley close to the junction of Birchin Lane and Cornhill at 7.30pm.

She said the police had formed an “animal pen” around the protesters to contain what was slowly becoming a heated encounter.

In a statement made on behalf of the dead man's wife, witnesses were urged to come forward and give statements to expose what was called “the failures of both the police and members of the media in the accurate reporting of yesterdays incident.”


DocRichard said...

I have collected eyewitness accounts of poor Ian Tomlinson's death on the Mabinogogiblog.

Anonymous said...

Mr Tomlinson's wife has explicitly stated he wasn't a protester and has ripped down tributes stating that he was. The family are also upset that he is contually being linked to the protest.

He wasn't a 'comrade' he was a decent bloke caught up in someone else's trouble.

Still, one woman reported him being 'murdered' by the police after being smahed in the head with a baton. So it will be interesting to see what the CCTV shows. The offical police statement is that they are reviewing the tapes and have 'no stance' as yet. So no attempt at a cover up, at least yet.

Given the extreme contrasts in eye-witness reports (notoriously unreliable in these situations) it might be best to be open-minded and wait for the evidence to surface. Although that won't make for much entertainment.

Derek Wall said...

The latest reports say he died of a heart attack...yes lets keep an open mind until we see the film evidence and be vigilent when it comes to make sure such evidence is not 'lost'.

Paul said...

Derek, do you have any evidence that Rosemary Nelson was murdered by the UK government?

Derek Wall said...

I would refer you to the Amnesty link, or google loyalist collusion if you are not aware of this murky area.

Paul said...

Derek, I read the Amnesty article. The article called for a public inquiry into Nelson's death and this is currently underway. My point is you stated as fact the claim she was killed by the state. This claim is groundless; doubtless few tears were shed by the RUC at the time. But the state did not kill her. The perception of Nelson at the time (by the RUC) was that she was providing legal counsel to individuals of whose guilt she was fully aware. This does not justify her death but it does place the acrimony towards her by some police officers in context.

The fact that Republicans had corrupted the legal profession in this manner has been given testimony by former IRA members such as Sean O Callaghan in his book 'The informer'.

My point is that there is now a public inquiry into this whole matter but no one least of all republicans can expect to emerge as snow white.



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