15 Oct 2011

'Jesus had two dads and he turned out fine'

This amused me.  I am big on this, religious prophets or messiahs or however you term, them seem to have been rather chilled about sexual morality, happy to admit we are varied and flawed.

They were rather less chilled about injustice, war, cruelty and hatred.

Too often for their more 'fundamentalist' followers, it is the other way around.

War is holy and gay sex is evil.  In fact all sorts of sex seems to get their clerical knickers in a twist.

Ha ha fun to see 'Traditional Unionist Voice' Member of the Northern Ireland Assembly Jim Allister making himself look foolish with his claims that members of the LGBT community in Belfast are out to get him.

Ireland sees highly controversial Orange Order marches every July and a Parades Commission exists to deal with the resulting conflict.

Jim has complained to the Parades Commission about Belfast Pride, lol!

Excellent report here from the Belfast Telegraph:

Hardline unionist Jim Allister is calling on organisers of Belfast Pride to apologise for offensive posters and the "torrent of abuse" he said Christian protesters were subjected to.
The TUV leader has written to the PSNI and Parades Commission about placards he deems offensive including 'Jesus protect me from your followers', and 'Jesus had two dads (and he turned out just fine)'.
Mr Allister said: "I found the posters and gestures offensive.
"It was a perverse attempt to make an argument for gay adoption.
"After a blasphemous placard was carried in the parade previously, organisers gave assurances it would not happen again.
"Assurances given have proved worthless," he said.

Read more: http://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/news/local-national/northern-ireland/mla-jim-allister-calls-for-apology-over-belfast-gay-pride-posters-16031520.html#ixzz1asbArugx

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