15 Oct 2011

'Sad Affair' Marxman

Marxman superb. 

Think Britain is a democracy with free speech, this track was banned by the BBC in 1993, acid test for the left in Britain is the memory of Ireland and imperialism

Once upon a time there was
Irish ways and irish laws
Villages of irish blood
waking to the morning good
But england and her soldiers came
started centuries of shame
Raped our women stole our grain
called this land a different name
Killed the leaders killed the young
put to the sword or gun or hung
history taught this to me
but what some learn is a travesty
I'm saying no slaying is playing it right
and death is the legacy of this fight
but a fight for peace agains injustice
the time has come to discuss this

I had a dream of days to come
when orange only meant the summer sun
and not the knife that cuts apart
a nations soul a nations heart
a thousand tears my mother shed
sons and daughters have died and bled
i cannot forget their brave example
thank you all for whom i tremple
people have been mistreat for too long
how long to sing this sad song
connolly said we shall rise again
and surely one day the pain must end
some say......thats a bridge too far
some they say......tiocfaidh ar la!
some pretend the problems don't exist
some attack and some resist...it's a

Some say one day our day will come
the race is run we know the outcome
the tide is on the side of the green
the butchers apron no longer seen
but all i know is that peace must win
and i thought this was Ireland mot Britain
a six country state is a bastard state
why oh why can't we all integrate
but my people suffer great injustice daily
condemned by racism in the bailey
the Guildford Four, Maguires and the Six
Innocent! but guilty of being Micks
and my culture is as strong as a pyramid
and you will pay for these things you did
not just to we but to the African
The Asian and the true American
and tomorrow the sorrow will continue
and the hatred will fester in the sinew
i feel like a stranger in the land where i was born
i just have to wait for a new dawn.....it's a

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