22 Oct 2011

UCATT election for General Secretary: Financial appeal: Friends of Mick Dooley

Just got this from my good comrade Jerry Hicks, spread the word!

I know times are very difficult and things are tight, but please take a look at this finacial appeal and consider making a donation. Also, please forward on to those who you consider would have an interest and that may be sympathetic to the request.
UCATT election for General Secretary: Financial appeal: Friends of Mick Dooley

You may be aware of the election for the General Secretary of UCATT. Nominations have finished and theballoting of members begins on 11th November.
The election has been forced upon UCATT following Michael Dooley’s successful challenge in proving illegal malpractice surrounding the previous election in 2009. The union appealed the decision and lost.
Disgracefully, in the mean time UCATT has sacked Michael Dooley. As I write this note we await Mick’s tribunal result against the unfair dismissal.
Michael Dooley is contesting the election and without any doubts stands a great chance of winning, the other main candidates can be best summed up as ‘establishment hacks’.
He is the only candidate who pledges to take an average wage if he is elected to GS.
He is the only candidate that not only believes in direct action but actually takes part in direct action.
He is the only candidate believes that the grass roots, rank and file member are the most important element of any trade union organisation.
He is the only candidate would make employers sit up and take notice.
Now tell me we would not all be better off if Michael Dooley won the election and became General Secretary of UCATT and that is why we should help.
However all of this has taken its toll financially and a call is now being made to supporters who want to see UCATT as a fighting union.

Please make a donation for the fighting fund and to do anything you can to support Mick Dooley in this vital election.

Donations to: ‘Friends of Mick Dooley’
Lloyds bank: Sort code 30 97 84
Account number: 41395168
Or send cheques made payable to ‘Friends of Mick Dooley’
To: 27 Surbiton Road, Southend on Sea, Essex; SS2 4NR
One of Mick Dooley favourite quotes is from Frederick Douglass…………..
"Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will."

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