22 Aug 2014

Achieving Environmental Justice

I have had the pleasure of reading Karen Bell's book Achieving Environmental Justice and reviewing it for Environmental Politics, an academic journal.

However it always concerns me that writing for academic journals is problematic if they are behind pay walls....reviewers don't get paid but distribution is restricted. It is a model of publishing which has failed in my view.....so I thought I would flag up Karen's important book here to spread the word about this fascinating book.

Environmental Justice is an important concept, environmental problems are rooted in injustice and solved by greater inclusion.

The book is very well written for an academic work, so often they are a little obscure, and the case studies of UK, USA, Bolivia, Cuba, South Korea, etc are fascinating.

I think the Green Party could do more both here and internationally to bring in environmental justice as a concept for policy making and action.

Any how here are the author details and contents, like my book on Elinor Ostrom it is a far from cheap academic hardback, but do order it from the library,

Author Biography Karen Bell is a Research Associate at the Centre for the Study of Poverty and Social Justice at the School for Policy Studies, University of Bristol. Her research and teaching interests include the social impacts of environmental policy; participatory democracy; race, class and disability equality; and natural health care. She was formerly a community development worker for many years, working alongside disadvantaged communities to collectively address a range of social and environmental issues.

Introduction: fighting for humanity
The concept and measurement of environmental justice
The causes of environmental injustice
'Killing yourself is no way to make a living': environmental justice in the United States
'The world has been deceived': environmental justice in the Republic of Korea (South Korea)
'Regulation means bad': environmental justice in the United Kingdom
'We have always been close to nature': environmental justice in Sweden
'The rich consume and the poor suffer the pollution': environmental justice in the People’s Republic of China
'Recuperating all that we have lost and forgotten': environmental justice in the Plurinational State of Bolivia
'Socialism creates a better opportunity': environmental justice in Cuba
Achieving environmental justice. -

See more at: http://www.policypress.co.uk/display.asp?ISB=9781447305941#sthash.cVpeS88z.dpuf

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