25 Aug 2014

Raise money for Hugo Blanco and indigenous struggle

In terms of people I have met, Elinor Ostrom and Hugo Blanco are my big influences. I have spent some time with Hugo and really has acted as a mentor to me. He is fantastic.

 There is a fundraising appeal for his magazine Lucha Indigena, which means Indigenous Struggle.

It is written and published by indigenous people for indigenous people, it covers all the big social and ecological struggles in Latin America but has workers struggles, Gaza solidarity etc.

Hugo led a peasant uprising in the 1960s in Peru, he was praised by Che, he was a leader of the Fourth International and is an ecosocialist.  To seriously combat climate change and other ecological threats we need to acknowledge the indigenous as a vanguard.

Please support this appeal, I am.   It is called a Minga the concept means a communal work.


A Minga for Lucha Indigena and Hugo Blanco

We have initiated a process, which we expect to share as a Minga. When we say Minga we refer to the ancestral Andean indigenous tradition where communities are convened to achieve a common goal.
To mention Hugo Blanco and “Lucha Indígena” (Indigenous Struggle) refers to peoples, territories, and communities of many communities. The paper “Lucha Indígena”, constitutes a global heritage of people’s in resistance and a fertile seed for the future. Increasing costs risk the disappearance of Lucha Indígena. It is indeed miraculous that it keeps coming out, having reached its 96th monthly issue.
A Minga for Lucha Indígena and Hugo Blanco 
See Portuguese, French and Swedish below
We went through a basic budget with Hugo. At a minimum, they require $1600 USD a month to rent space in Lima and to print booklets. We are therefore opening a “voluntary subscription” to guarantee its continuity.
Attached below, please find the letter that calls for a “Minga for Lucha Indígena”. Based on your possibilities, we invite you to join this effort and to invite others to do as much. Besides English and Spanish, the attached letter is being translated to French, German, Catalonian, Swedish, Italian and Portuguese. In fact, a group of activists and grassroots workers in Toronto, through small savings and a garage sale, gathered the initial 1000 CAD, with which Hugo informs us, they have already rented a place where they will sell agricultural products from Peruvian peasant organizations. At this new place, they are offering the printed journal as well as a booklet on Peru’s first Agrarian Reform in which Hugo was involved as a leader and inspiration.
For the people who want to join the “voluntary subscription” and or make donations, this is the required information:
For direct Bank to Bank transfers, the required information is: 
1.- Full Name and Address: Ángel Hugo Blanco Galdos - Unidad Vecinal del Rímac 50 F
2.- Account Number: 0200870643
3.- SWIFT CODE: BCONPEPLXXX (in some cases the last XXX are not required)
For those who prefer to wire money (Moneygram o Western Union): Once you do this, you need to send Hugo an email with: 
1.- Full name as used for the wire transfer. 
2.- Where the money is sent from 
3.- Amount sent and 
4.- MTCN or wire reference in numbers, with which Hugo can claim the donation. 
We ask you to inform us via email of your decision and amounts to be transferred in order to keep a clear and transparent record of moneys and donors. Please write to:
Hugo Blanco: hugucha1@gmail.com
Raúl Zibechi: raulzibechi@gmail.com
Emmanuel Rozental: em_rozental@yahoo.com

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