25 Nov 2007

Bush boy kicked out of government in Australia

John Howard has been booted out, some of you know I have working quite hard to get rid of him this week, via da web rather than jetting off to campaign in person in Melbourne.

Greens look likely to make gains...however will Australian Labour be New Labour, probably but with a green shove they may even close the pulp mill plan in Tasmania.

Just shows it is worth fighting on the electoral front...to all of you who spread the word, especially Martin and Michelle's Aus Green Party campaigners in London, well done!

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Anonymous said...

A few years ago, I was in Australian, prior to the Iraq invasion and the huge worldwide protests; the green party of Western Austaralia kindly lent plenty of resources etc to distribute leaflets, banner making, and they would be the communication channel for protests such as the development of Ningaloo Reef and uranium mining in the state. This was because if a party got more than 5% of the vote, they got state funding and could run an office, and could help fund and run alot of grassroots campaigns. Unfortunately it's not the same here, I joined the Green Party but there was not nearly enough activism, and I joined one of the left groups, more active, but soon found out what they were really like and was expelled for my troubles.

Good for Rudd, signing the Kyoto Protocol, pulling troops out, the environment spokesperson for the Liberals is a leading contender to take over from Howard, and the Greens are now THE third party, A big turnaround, no worries.


Anonymous said...


I too miss the WA Greens, what a fantastic group they are! I think you're right that public funding is one of the keys, as is PR, so we elect MLCs and senators regularly. They're such a great example of principled green politics in action, radical but not speaking leftist dogma that you find in the gpew to a much greater extent.

But there are plenty of great people in the Green Party over here too. I think actually there are things that the different parties can teach each other.

Great news all round from Saturday. I'm still smiling.


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