1 Nov 2007

Greens support saturday NHS demo

thanks to Phelim

Hi everyone

This Saturday there will be a demonstration in central London to defend the NHS. Nurses, technicians, doctors, paramedics along with their friends and families, trade unions and community groups from allover the UK will be coming along. All of us know what an NHS free on the point of demand means for our society and defending it against privatisation, marketisation, underfunding and outsourcing is an incredibly important task that faces us. Massive chunks of the NHS have already been sold off and critical parts such as the National Blood Service are threatened with centralisation, to save money. Locally in Brighton we face the grim reality of understanding how our hospital may function with many patients from other closed emergency departments along the coast having to come to our hospitals for treatment.

The demonstration will assemble at Temple tube at 11am kicking off at about Midday going along Embankment past the Houses of Parliament, up Whitehall to Trafalgar Square where speeches will be made (1:30- through 4:30)

Please avail of the numerous ways to get to the demonstration for free: down here both the GMB and Unison locally are providing free transport.

I will be in London from Friday night but have provisionally arranged to meet some people at Cleopatra's Needle at 11:30am (provided transport has arrived!) and would advocate that as the best place to meet. Give me a shout if you're around and if not, I may see you in the pub afterwards for the compulsory post-demo drinks...
Hope to see you there!


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Anonymous said...

This is good to know. There is still the tendency for Greens (at least in these parts) to stick to 'green stuff' like recycling, anti-roads, and so on; just as Stoke SP sticks to the same cuts-related issues. Where there has been cross over, it has been infrequent and fleeting.

We do often talk about the need for reds and greens to hook up more, so I hope tomorrow's demo will see more linkages being made.

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