22 Nov 2007

I went to school with John Rees

I had this bizarre premonition that I would bump into John Rees and got on the train at Bath Spa found him whizzing towards Chippenham to visit his mum!

We both went to Frogwell School, I think possibly even at the same time! How bizarre!

More on this tomorrow!

I was back from Frome Green Party, how bizarre.

Never thought Marxists came from Wiltshire...other than Andy Newman ofcourse.

Spooky! Had a very pleasant conversation with him...more tomorrow on this....


Blogging for the hell of it said...

Andrew Murray paid special tribute to John Rees on Saturday and said 'I don't recognise the recent descriptions of him' (the recent descriptions put about by Galloway & friends I take that to mean).

Look forward to hearing more about your pleasant exchange with him - it sure is a strange coincidence that you went to the same school!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Andrew Murray said the same thing about the Renewal crew at the other conference, lol.

@Derek, I'm intrigued. As a confirmed Rees watcher, I can't wait to hear more!

Blogging for the hell of it said...

No he didn't. I have watched both speeches. He did however say to the Renewal conference:

"A work mate asked me the other day, why the hell are you speaking at George's conference?"

Respectable Citizen said...

As an ordinary Respect member, I have personally always found John Rees quite humble, personable, down to earth, and approachable. And as National Secretary of Respect he has been very helpful and supportive of what was a weak Respect branch, regularly visiting us and offering advice and listening to our concerns.

I was quite surprised at the way the debate flared up at the leadership level of our organisation and the criticisms of his performance in the role of secretary.

He has a very sharp mind. His philosophical book on dialectics, "The Algebra of Revolution" is well worth a read and his more recent book "Imperialism and Resistance" discusses several topics of interest to environmentalists such as the peak oil thesis.

Blogging for the hell of it said...

John Pilger has said of John Rees:

'I know of few who speak and write more wisely of the danger we face from rapacious power, and what we should do about it, than John Rees'.

(I notice that someone has tried to remove this from John Rees's wikipedia entry a few days ago - the depths to which some are sinking right now is truly shocking.)

Derek Wall said...

more on this tomorrow honest!

a bit busy since Frome

been juggling various things today and off to Hands Off Venezuela to speak tomorrow (went to VIC conference a fortnight ago)and doing some family things but will find the time to comment on meeting John Rees, it was very surreal, he was very affable and yes politics is different from personality!

Anonymous said...

Jeremy Corbyn comes from Chippenham as well, and don't forget the formidible Angela Tuckett (Later Angela Gradwell) wo loved in Swindon for many years.

Martin Wicks who edits the "Solidarity Trade Union magazine"

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