25 Nov 2007

No platform for anti-semites, racists and homophobes

Demonstrate Monday 26th November, 7pm Anti-fascist protest against Nick Griffin and David Irving, Oxford Union, off Cornmarket

"We are shocked and angry that the Oxford Union still intends to invite the fascist leader of the British National Party, Nick Griffin, and the holocaust denier, David Irving, to address the union on 26th November."
Stated Phelim Mac Cafferty on behalf of the Green Party LGBT Group.

"Nick Griffin has a 1998 conviction for incitement to racial hatred for material denying the Holocaust. Nick Griffin is the leader of the fascist BNP, a violent organization spreading the filth of race lies and homophobia.

"David Irving was described by a judge as "a racist, an anti-Semite and an active Holocaust denier" in 2000. This related to when he took the American academic, Deborah Lipstadt, to court for libel after she branded him a 'Holocaust denier' in her book. He lost the case and paid
£3 million pounds damages.

"It is a fact that when fascists are allowed to speak, racist and homophobic attacks, violence and intimidation increase. And there is a world of difference between defending free speech and choosing to provide a platform for fascists. Far from being the champions of free speech history shows that when fascists rise to power they destroy freedom of speech, human rights and they have murdered millions of people. Fascism is the absolute opposite of what universities and rational debate stand for.

"The fact that a fascist will be joined in the Oxford Union by a holocaust denier beggars belief. The oppression, persecution, humiliation and isolation that was life for Europe's LGBT Communities under Nazi-ism and its death camps must serve as a warning that we can never forget.

"We hope that the LGBT community will join us in demonstrating against Griffin and Irving address to the Oxford union on the 26th November. No to freedom of speech for fascists and holocaust deniers! Never again to the death camps!"

Nick Griffin is waiting for economic crisis and ecological meltdown to give him a path to power.

Hatred takes any form that garners votes for the far right, the only good side is the very irrationality of the racist right causes them problems. The far right European parliament group fell apart when Romanian far rightists split after racist attacks on Romanians from an Italian far right party!

Mussolini was quoted as saying this week that: "Breaking the law became a way of life for Romanians. However, it is not about petty crimes, but horrifying crimes, that gives one goose bumps."

Romania's far-right reacted with fury. The head of the Greater Romania Party, Corneliu Vadim Tudor said in a letter to the parliament: "The unconsciousness of this lady who makes easily generalizations, leaving us to understand that all the Romanians are living like delinquents and are making dreadful crimes, reminds us of her grandfather, the fascist dictator Benito Mussolini."

Islam is the main target for Griffin at present, a man who ignores the fact that the vast majority of Muslims are tolerant and progressive, (compare sufis to BNPs on sexuality/race/non violence) yet because of anti-semitism:

Under Griffin's control, the National Front supported Libya's Colonel Gadaffi and Iran's Ayatollah Khomeini. Griffin visited Tripoli in 1988 at Gadaffi's expense to look for funding from the Libyan regime.

The oldest hatred has not gone away but any hatred is good if it garners votes...

Free speech is one thing, providing a high profile platform is another, shame on the Oxford Union for hosting an event with these guys.

Excellent release from Phelim here

Peter Tatchell notes 'Regarding the Oxford Union's upcoming free speech debate:

"The decision to invite Nick Griffin and David Irving is a big mistake. Those who peddle hatred and historical distortions should not be rewarded. I don't believe the defence of free speech requires the Oxford Union to proactively offer these hate-mongers a prestigious platform to secure respectability for their odious views," said Mr Tatchell.'

Credit where credit is due, a good statement here from a Tory, hope that Evan from the Liberals will back up this line:

A spokesperson from UAF, said that they were also concerned that Lib Dem anti-racist campaigner, Dr Evan Harris, was still intending to join the debate.

UAF said: “We are concerned that a politician should still want to join the platform to this debate. To stand on the same platform as some of these people gives them the idea to say they can’t be dangerous if they are joining a political platform with a mainstream politician.”

Kulveer Ranger, vice-chairman for cities in the Conservative Party said: “We have freedom of speech and people with extreme views under law have the freedom to express them. However, I don’t think Oxford Union should be a vehicle or give a platform for fascists under the guise that they’re providing opportunity for freedom of speech. By inviting them, to a world renowned institution, they are providing a platform to allow their views to be further communicated.”

More here from Operation Black Vote


peter said...

Derek, what do you think of the StWC coalition giving a platform to a spokesperson from the outrageously anti-Semitic Hezbollah?

Anonymous said...

Derek Wall like most of the wacky Marxists is fine with being willing to show a certain amount of sympathy for Islamist fascism but green party monetary reformers are, apparently, closet Nazis.

As for Griffin and his invitation to speak at the Oxford Union. I wish he'd crawl under a rock and never come out but he has as much right to freedom of speech as anyone else - and the Union have as much right to decide who to invite to speak as any other organisation. If he starts inciting criminal act, which I assume Griffin is not going to try, there are already laws in place.

What's more, the Union is a debating society so it's the perfect venue for people to challenge Griffin on any views they don't like, which seems better than the authoritarian-left's thirst for bannings that makes 'free speech martyrs' out of scumbags.

Sadly, arguments about free speech always boil down to questions of whether some or other nasty should be allowed to speak, but let the authoritarian-left like Derek et al get their right to ban this or that and we'd all eventually find ourselves guilty of some or other thought crime. That's why we have to defend it.

studentmedic said...

Thanks for this Derek. Hope the demo serves its purpose!

Anonymous said...

"Islam is the main target for Griffin at present, a man who ignores the fact that the vast majority of Muslims are tolerant and progressive, (compare Sufis to BNPs on sexuality/race/non violence)"

This is tter nonsense, notwithstanding the obnoxious nature of the BNP it is not they who murdered 52 innocent pepole on 7/7. Also look at what Sufi demonstrators are saying in Sudan with regards to the british teacher Gillian Gibbons.


Shiekh Mohammed al-Khiar Ibrahim, from the Sufi Qadriya sect, said in a searing sermon that the justice of the state was one thing, but that of Islam another -- which today meant execution.

"Sheikh Hussein Mubarak told thousands of the faithful gathered for the Muslim day of prayer that the court's "verdict was lenient out of fear of criticism from human rights organisations, America and the West".


That was what the 'mild' Sufis had to say, you really are a prick Derek. When are you going to take your head out of your arse Re Islam?

Anonymous said...

Oh Peter etc. Don't expect an answer from Derek anytime soon Re his misguided thoughts for Islamist movements. He tends to make fatuous embellishments Re Islam and reel of dogmatic statements with regards to pretty much anything. Then again he is an 'ex' Marxist, as such he will not do debates or provide answers to those who question his views. Unlike David Irving for instance, the irony!

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