19 Mar 2009

Green Party Conference Blackpool

Conference is about to open in Blackpool.

I am hoping conference will endorse the excellent migration motion, reassert our opposition to nuclear power and learn from the debacle over the Irish Sea.

Amongst many excellent motions is the Green New Deal motion from Sean Thompson.

A Green Party is a delicious sweetmeat for corporations, a corporate Green Party will be tempted into government but the temptation is that it acts as a mud guard for a dirty neo-liberal vehicle.

We need to remain 'Green'....if I wanted a corporate Green Party my next move would be to centralise candidate selection so that radicals i.e Greens, could be removed. Letting members decide candidates is not the way of the corporate political party!

If I wanted a corporate Green Party I would also abolish the Green Party Regional Council...no over sight lovely for the corporate Greens!

Then the Party would be in a position to be bought up with offers of government coalition....(power would be absent, position and title temptingly apparent!)

The Irish Green Party in government with motorway building corrupt Fianna Fail is the way forward for corporate Greens everywhere.

Happily from Cynthia McKinney to the New Zealand Green Party there are plenty of examples of non corporate Green Parties...but we have to struggle to stay Green in a grey world.

Here is hoping!

What could be more dangerous than a Green Party transformed into an instrument for corporations? Not much!

Sadly the once wonderful Irish Green Party seems to have fallen...to fall in this way is to make the changes we need for a sustainable and socially just world, so much more difficult to achieve.

Still if the revue at conference is funny, sharp and prepared to look at the risks, we are still on the right track!

Criticism is necessary for progress! Silence is a way of preparing for the corporate greens...


Anonymous said...

Cynthia McKinney is a 9/11 "truth" nutter. It shows how far removed from having any kind of intelligence that you would trumpet her as anything other than a rabid, embarrassing loon. If you want the GP to go down the route of resembling David Icke's underpants, follow Derek Wall and his GPRC nutclusters!

Derek Wall said...

She is also someone who attempt to take aid to Gaza during the war...she gets vicious attacked because she does good. I am not a 9/11 truther but she is a wonderful women, a true green...are you perhaps mailing me from the Dail?

I have challenged David Icke as a racist, racists are keen to attack Cynthia.

I guess you prefer Greens who can be 'framed' as more corporate and Fianna Fail friendly?

Anonymous said...

Hope the conference went well!

The Greens in Ireland are realists Derek. They have entered govt with fainna fail and have had to hold their noses but they are implementing REAL change with what little power they have.

What if the Greens in England for arguement sake got 3 MPs and Labour or the Conservatives asked for a coalition? What if they made consessions that would see real change, or offered the Green Party the UK Environment Ministry or Energy and Climate Change Ministry?

Would you really say no just because of your socialist ideals?

You need to make your way into the Corridors of power before you can make any real change. otherwise you will just be talking about it for the rest of your life and the planet will die.

Derek Wall said...

If the motorway wasn't going through Tara I might be persuaded.

You don't have to be particularly fundamentalist to see this.

FF are notoriously corrupt, it doesn't smell nice.

Getting change is tough, compromises do have to be made...but the coalition isn't working.

I think this is a realistic assessment!

Anonymous said...

Believe me the motorway through tara really is hard to swallow. I have been an avid supporter of the tara watch campaign and recently made visits to the site. But when entering govt i believe the words used by fainna fail were 'non negotiatable', sickening.

The Coalition is tough and I think the Greens may suffer at the next election but in the polls we are holding our core vote and in some instances seeing a 3% rise.

The Party members are nervous with the current state of affairs but we will see it through to the next election and then let the people decide.

Do remember that last time around the Greens lost the election and Fianna Fail won. The Irish voted overwhelmingly for Fianna Fail so until the Irish stop voting for them it will have to be coalition with Fianna Fail. That is democracy.

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