11 Mar 2009

Venezuelan style socialist company redistributes profits

Socialism is where the workers own the company and share the profits.

Right wingers hate this, profits should go to a tiny group of lazy exploiters.

There is one great example of a mutual in Britain and they have just shared out the profits.

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augustg said...

I would appreciate if you could post this as a new topic. We have had a lot of success here in the district and would like to carry that momentum to a international level. Thanks!

To: Progressive Community,
From: Matt Reichel, Green Party Candidate in the special election in Illinois's 5th District

The vacancy created by the departure of Rahm Emanuel from Illinois's 5th District has presented an excellent opportunity to implant progressive rhetoric into the debate surrounding the election process.

The Primary Election season was highlighted by the first contested Green primary for a non-presidential race in Illinois history, as I ran against Deb Gordils, Mark Frederickson and Simon Ribeiro for the privilege of being the Green Party nominee in this high profile election. All four Green candidates were invited to the vast majority of the forums and debates, and we made the most of it: in general, we received the most raucous applause and the most visible expression of interest from attendees.

I won the primary based largely on my populist Green message: I believe that now is the time to communicate to Americans that we must organize and wage political war on the banks, who have been at war against the working and middle classes for decades. From ATM fees and overdraft fees to predatory mortgages, the major corporate banks in the United States have continually preyed on the most vulnerable members of our society.

Let's fight back: First and foremost by ending the bankster bailouts and by fighting to reverse already approved bailout appropriations.

Let us also draw a clear, thick line between us progressives and Democrat Mike Quigley, the "reformer." With our country in crisis, we don't have time for reforming the machine of Chicago politics. We must organize to defeat the Machine.

We can't afford to compromise on the most pressing issues: the ongoing wars of Empire in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan, the overspending on bailouts of this nation's criminal Wall Street class, and the lack of comprehensive universal single payer health care.

The Chicago Sun Times and Chicago Tribune, who together essentially coronated Quigley as our next congressman with their endorsements, are busily painting Quigley as an "outsider." However, Quigley began his political career working for machine alderman Bernie Hansen, and he has always worked squarely within the machinery of the Democratic Party. Furthermore, he lacks the courage and passion to press on the aforementioned issues: the most important ones facing this nation in a time of economic peril.

Let us get our message out there! You can help today by visiting our website, www.mattreichel.us and donating and/or signing up to volunteer. We are also running group canvasses each weekend day, every Saturday and Sunday, at 2pm. Meet at the office at 1726 W. Carmen.

For more information about my stance on the issues, please visit the issues page of our website, http://www.mattreichel.us/theissues.php, or contact the office directly at 773-961-8257.

I thank you for your work as activists in our community, and I look forward to continuing to work with you for the greater cause of peace and social justice.


Matt Reichel

Also, make sure to heck out the most recent youtube video:

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