4 Mar 2009

Jerry reports on last few days of his campaign

In the final few days of the election I have been full of mixed emotions. We are surrounded by wholesale job cuts, short time working and attacks to pay and conditions. The union seems a mile off the pace, reduced often to platitudes and hollow demands. Yet, despite these extremely difficult times I continue to receive messages of support, offers of help and requests for election materials. The election campaign has been a very exciting experience but also a humbling one.

The almost daily revalations in the press regarding the waste and expenditure in the union, albeit mostly the right wing press who would have a very different agenda to us. Highlights what we have been saying for the last ten months when we first launched the challenge (though others remained silent until recently). I believe that there will be much more scrutiny in future and that members money will be better spent as a result.

The count for the election will take place on Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th March at the Electorral Reform Services, London N8.

I am advised that the opening and removal of voting papers from ballot envelopes will be on the Saturday and the counting of the votes will be on the Sunday (both days begining 9am). I will be in attendance on both these days and will let you know of the result as soon as I can.

There may yet be even more twists and turns but whatever the result we have done at least three things.

1] Given the union and its members the opportunity to discuss and debate the pressing issues and what we need.

2] We have made this election happen, which enables the union and its members to decicide who they want as General secretary.

3] Our campaign, the policies and principles have given the union and its members a chance for real change rather than more of the same.

Expect the unexpected..........................................'Keep on keeping on' Jerry Hicks.

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