4 Apr 2011

Poll shows six fold increase in Green Party vote!

The polling company Marketing Means has released the latest election poll for the South West, giving a snapshot of voters’ intentions that shows a large swing to the Green Party.

Having polled only 1% last year, the Greens now stand at 6% in the region, largely at the expense of the Lib Dems who have seen their support collapse by 17%. At a General Election, the Lib Dems would lose 12 of their 15 seats here in the South West.

Sam Moss mayoral candidate for Torbay told the PRSD: “Broken promises, bankers bonuses and tuition fees, some political parties at this years elections are hoping you’ve got a short memory. Thankfully there is an exciting, radical and visionary alternative from The Green Party, and fully costed, fighting cuts to protect services, protecting our environment and boosting employment.”

Ben Hartshorn, local party contact for South Somerset Green Party, told the PRSD: “With 6-in-10 feeling pessimistic about the region’s economy next year, the Green Party is offering a positive vision of the future that voters see as a genuine alternative to the cuts forced upon us by uncaring local councils.”

The research shows that women and the least well-off are most heavily reliant on public services and have the most to fear from the Coalition cuts.

Paula Black Devon County councillor, said: “The Green Party has become the real opposition in the South West, standing up for our beleaguered public services that are heavily used by women and those with less spending power. These are the people that should be protected from draconian budget cuts but they stand to be the worst hit.

“Lib Dem supporters seem most confident about the economy next year – do they know something we don’t? More likely, they feel guilty at propping up the Tory government’s ideological cuts and are keeping their fingers crossed while the rest of us see our libraries close, our bus services axed and our children heading into debt with university tuition fees rising to £9,000 each year. And all this with Lib Dem support.”


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