9 Apr 2011

Vote Dan

Dan totally brilliant and he did an immense amount of work for me during the General Election.

He is part of block of 15 supported by the Young Greens.


I'm standing as a grassroots activist, anti-cuts/free education campaigner and socialist, to help make sure this year's magnificent student revolt has a strong voice on NUS NEC.

My record

I am President-elect of Royal Holloway SU, the first socialist elected in a uni whose political culture has been transformed over the last year. We°òve built a strong anti-cuts
group, taken direct action including two occupations, politicised hundreds of students and defied all expectations by winning our union presidency. These kind of changes are happening across the country they need to happen in NUS too.

I've been an activist since 6th form in South London, where I was involved in organising around knife crime and deprivation. I campaigned against the Iraq war, worked on climate change and anti-market ecology as president of our People & Planet society, organised for Youth Fight for Jobs, was a partipant in the setting up of a Feminist Society and co-founded our Anti-Cuts Alliance. That was the basis on which I was elected President, and that is the basis on which I am standing for the NEC.

The fight we need

Grassroots anti-cuts activist have put our so-called leadership to shame. NUS needs a sharp turn left.

* Most universities have not set their fees yet, much less implemented them. Things will heat up again. We need massive direct action to demand unis refuse to raise fees and back our demand for increased funding.
• The graduate tax policy is an embarrassment. I stand for free education and a living grant for all students, in HE and FE. Tax the rich!

* Defend our rights. Support mass, militant action; oppose police violence. Work with campaigns like Right to Resist and Defend the Right to Protest to fight police brutality and intimidation.

* Transform our unions. Dismantle bureaucracy, for general meetings and control by students, not trustees and unelected officials. I support the right of school students unions to affiliate to NUS.

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