9 Apr 2011

'These are our streets' protest against Gaddafi in Tripoli

A group of activists claiming to be part of the February 17 youth revolution organises a small protest at dawn in Tripoli. It declared its main objectives to be - to support efforts to oust Gaddafi, to lift morale in the silenced capital, to resist attempts to silence dissent and to show solidarity with pro-democracy fighters across Libya.
Below the video is the unedited English version of the protest statement, as provided by the group:

In the name of Allah most merciful...
Here we are the city of Tripoli Revolutionaries, we say again ... We are here ... We are standing.
At a time when we protest again, after the loss of hundreds of martyrs amongst us from Tajurah, Suq El Jumma, Mizran, Fashloum, and Martyr square.
And at a time when Gaddaffi’s battalions continue to persecute and apprehend thousands of revolutionaries in every district of Tripoli and without discrimination, from Tajura to Saraj, and from Suq El Jumma and Arrada to Al Seyahiya to Ghout El shaal and Abu Nawas to 2 Maris, and from Gergarish and Hay Al andalus and Dredi and Hadabah to Furnaj, Zanata ,Ben Ashour and Dahra, and from Sidi Khalifa and Almansura to Ain Zara and Airport Road and to all other areas without exceptions.
These are our streets, and these are our alleys , for we vow to you shameful and disgraceful Gaddafi, not you nor your battalions, nor your snipers, nor your mercenaries however many they are, will not terrify us anymore, and we will not back down on our revolution and up rise no matter how greater the sacrifice.
For this city with its students and professors and universities and businessmen and fishermen and doctors and those who witnessed you crimes on February 20th , the day that your revenge reached the highest limits of murdering the injured of those who did not die on site during the demonstrations on Martyrs Square, where those who did not fall from your machine guns in the streets were pursued by your gunmen in the emergency rooms and intensive care units of the hospitals in Tripoli. This city will not allow you to make it weak, easy nor vulnerable ever again.
The Libyans may have been tolerant to the exploitation and abuse of this insane system, in fear of its tyranny and infinite madness, but now that the fear barrier has been broken and shrivelled in the events of the last few weeks, we are thus continuing in the path of freedom and Tripoli will remain a burning flame under his feet and those who follow him.
We will not shout, nor will we tense up as Gaddaffi did in the utmost level of his weakness and vulnerability, but we will maintain our composure and the confidence of the strong, convinced of the nearness of victory and triumph god willing.
The dictator has polluted the language of speech with his cheap synonyms and pitiful descriptions, as he sees people from his point of view, and where we only see him as insolvent, desperate and defeated, becoming himself the terrified rat , spending his days in tunnels and his nights between cellars.
He destroyed the safe country with his ruining alleged leadership, which only led to war, underdevelopment, disability and a country under siege... But now we will take control of the leadership, and we have identified his demise, and we have planned the way for our salvation with no return.
A salute and tribute of respect and glory to the free Libyan revolutionaries everywhere, those who gave an example of gallantry and courage.
We put our hands together with, and renew our support and solidarity to the National Transitional Council, and affirm our support on all its blessed steps and actions.
Glory to Tripoli the capital and eternal glory to our honourable martyrs.

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