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Green Party endorses Ken Livingstone

Its vote Jenny and transfer to Kenny, no doubt the Evening Standard will be spinning for the bankers they love Boris and don't want fares cut and they are very happy with Bozzer's 50p tax cut victory.

The Green Party in London has made me proud, lets all get out and work for Jenny and transfer the votes to Ken.

Vote Jen 1, Ken 2, says Green Party

Vote decides Livingstone as second preference candidate

Who: Mayoral candidate Jenny Jones and Ken Livingstone

What: launch of Green Party’s recommendation of Livingstone as second preference candidate

Where: Rooftop, 56-64 Leonard Street, Development House, London, EC2A 4LT

When: 2pm Wednesday 28 March 2012
An extraordinary meeting of the London Green Party this week decided to recommend Ken Livingstone as second preference choice for Mayor after first choice Jenny Jones.
Livingstone spoke to around 70 members at the Party’s Headquarters on Leonard Street and fielded questions on his record and policies.
After over an hour of disc…

Sterile sectarianism versus obedient compromise with evil

Sometimes all the models look wrong, the British far left are excluded and marginal but those who compromise are soon swept away too.  Its easy to point to leftists without influence to justify participation with what ultimately is evil.  Its also easy for those who reject such compromises to justify their own impotent failure which too is an acceptance of what is wrong.  Of course some decisions, one thinks of the Irish Green Party coalition with notoriously corrupt Fianna Fail, are obviously untenable.  Achieving necessary change is not easy in European politics at present, what we have has failed and creating an alternative means profound change.  Anyway my almost continuous meditation on this was rewoken when I read the following paragraph:

Here lies the dilemma of the revolutionary within a society unripe for revolution. If he stands aside from the main currents of social change, he becomes purist, sectarian, without influence. If he swims with the current, he is swept downward by…

Mumia Abu-Jamal on Fanon.

Mumia Abu-Jamal on Fanon. Essential, very important video essay, listen, learn, share.

Cuba solves climate change (video)

Great video from my friend Roberto!

Caroline Lucas condemns budget for billionaires which wrecks environment

‘Environment versus economy’ rhetoric and tax breaks for oil and gas
show Osborne still doesn’t get it

Coalition to bulldoze ahead with ‘growth at any cost’ planning reforms
Toxic 50p tax cut for the rich exposes Lib Dem failure to dilute Tory

Budget offers little for part time workers and people on lowest incomes
The 2012 Budget will do nothing to deliver a greener or more prosperous
economy – and shows the Coalition completely failing the fairness test, said
the UK’s Green MP today.
Caroline Lucas, leader of the Green Party and MP for Brighton Pavilion,

"This true blue Budget is the nail in the coffin for this Government’s
‘greenest ever’ pledge.
"The determination to plough ahead with growth-at-any-cost planning
reforms and aviation expansion, throw money at North Sea oil and gas, and
ignore the potential of green energy shows that this administration’s
environmental policy is blue, not green.
"The Chancellor’s stubborn refusal …

Don't poison us say SalvaTierra

Please spread the word.

Activists demand to ban cyanide in Dominican Republic
The protest took place in front of the offices of Barrick, which prepares to operate the Pueblo Viejo gold and silver mine next year
Dominican Republic.- The group SalvaTierra took a non-violent direct action this morning in front of the building where the multinational mining corporation Barrick has part of its offices in capital city, Santo Domingo. It declared its support to dozens of environmental and social groups that have already expressed their opposition to megamining in the country and joined the campaign by the Latin America Mining Conflicts Observatory (OCMAL) to ban cyanide in the whole region. In their statement, the group warns that: “Mega open pit mining is an activity whose enormous scale entails major environmental impacts, such as the destruction of large forests, the massive consumption of fresh water and electricity, the production of acid drainage, and a…

Capitalism: A Ghost Story (complete movie)

Capitalism is destroying the planet. The two old tricks that dug it out of past crises—War and Shopping—simply will not work

Is it a house or a home? A temple to the new India, or a warehouse for its ghosts? Ever since Antilla arrived on Altamont Road in Mumbai, exuding mystery and quiet menace, things have not been the same. “Here we are,” the friend who took me there said, “Pay your respects to our new Ruler.”
Antilla belongs to India’s richest man, Mukesh Ambani. I had read about this most expensive dwelling ever built, the twenty-seven floors, three helipads, nine lifts, hanging gardens, ballrooms, weather rooms, gymnasiums, six floors of parking, and the six hundred servants. Nothing had prepared me for the vertical lawn—a soaring, 27-storey-high wall of grass attached to a vast metal grid. The grass was dry in patches; bits had fallen off in neat rectangles. Clearly, Trickledown hadn’t worked.
But Gush-Up certainly has. That’s why …

'Shock Poll: Meteorologists Are Global Warming Skeptics'

James Taylor in Forbes argues: recent survey of American Meteorological Society members shows meteorologists are skeptical that humans are causing a global warming crisis. The survey confirms what many scientists have been reporting for years; the politically focused bureaucratic leadership of many science organizations is severely out of touch with the scientists themselves regarding global warming issues.
I must admit it would be a huge relief to find that human beings are not causing climate change.  Its also good to get some intelligent arguments challenging ones beliefs (I am a great fan of the Economist magazine in this regard).

However Taylor's seems to have confused the stats, merging those who don't think climate change is happening, with those who do but may be skeptical as to the cause, with those who do think its human in origin but are skeptical of current solutions.  Actually I could be placed in this last category as I feel a lot of the supposed solutions like…

Yes! Green socialist wins as leader Leanne Woods is victorious

Ha ha Mrs Windsor!

Leanne Wood was elected leader of Plaid Cymru today on a programme of green politics, socialism and republicanism.

Plaid are a member of the European Green Party group in the European Parliament.

It has been a pleasure to support Leanne who victory is a victory for ecosocialists in Wales and beyond.

So vital to link the green left in different organisations and so vital not to moan on the margins but to organise in the difficult climate of the politics of a country dominated by hedge fund politicians.

In England we have with the exception of Caroline Lucas, three parties led by dull right wing men, lets draw inspiration from the Rhonnda!

The time is right for a Green Party of India

The time has come for a Green Party of India, writes Derek Wall, who recently met with a founder member of the country’s new Green Party

India’s choice of development model is key to the future of the globe. India is currently growing at a phenomenal rate with a GDP target of 9 per cent GDP per year. If the 20th century was the era of the USA, the 21st will be that not just of Brazil and China but also of India. It’s easy to believe that growth is good but there is a downside to the Indian story: hundreds of millions of citizens are not simply being left behind but are under attack. For some the Indian dream is a nightmare.

Environmental degradation, social injustice and war are the negative features of the Indian dream and they are the reason that activists have formed the Green Party of India to create a different sustainable and just path to prosperity. I was lucky enough to meet Daniel Taghioff, a founder member of the party, in London recently. Earlier attempts to create a Gre…

Alex Phillips why I refused to vote for a Green Party cuts budget.
Alex Phillips was the only Brighton and Hove councillor to reject a Green Party budget forced through by Labour and Tory cuts.  Good for her a rising star and we need more of them to keep green and not turn grey.

This blog is to explain my position. In short, I found our amended budget (by Labour and supported by the Tories), which included a Council Tax Freeze, unpalatable. I’ll clarify my thinking below.

First of all, I just want to say that I respect my colleagues, although I do not agree with their decision to vote ‘for’ the amended budget. I recognise that the other parties, who did not reveal their budget amendments until less than 48 hours before Budget Council, put us in an extremely difficult situation. This is despite us having spent almost three months in consultation with the city about our budget proposals.

I know from attending meetings in the run up to budget day that there were se…

I'm A Climate Scientist (HUNGRY BEAST)

The ugly nature of the current climate debate, with its increasingly frequent characterization of scientists as opportunists, totalitarians, or downright criminals, is also, unfortunately, not new. Copernicus (posthumously) and his prominent followers through Isaac Newton were all accused of being heretics or atheists. Einstein was derided by his political opponents through the 1920s and 1930s as a Communist—despite his dim view of the Soviet Union—or simply as a fraud. When a group of American women tried to prevent him from entering the US because of his supposed Communism, he quipped, “Never before have I experienced from the fair sex such energetic rejection of all advances, or if I have, then certainly never from so many at once.”9At one point Einstein stopped giving public lectures out of fear for his personal safety, also now a worry for some greenhouse warming proponents.
The reception of new scientific theories has often followed the same course.  Sadly attacks on climate sci…

Mumia Abu Jamal - Whitney Houston 1963-2012

Mumia is still in prison but out of solitary and off of death row.

Nice prison commentator on Whitney Houston from him.

Do spread the word about Mumia, our prophet.

'Facebook is a surveillance engine'

"You know about the two rules right for interviewing Richard?" a volunteer asks before leading us to meetRichard Stallman, the man who fights for free software day in and out. One, don't use the term Open Source to mean free software.
Two, don't say Linux but say GNU/Linux. Dr Stallman, who started the Free Software Foundation in 1985 to promote freedom to create, share and modify software, is extremely sensitive to whether the goals of his initiative are rightly communicated.
A computer engineer and self-proclaimed hacker, the 58-year-old Dr Stallman lives the life of an activist. He lives frugally, like a student, he has said once. The philosophy behind the support for free software reflects in other things too.
During this interview, he gave back a Kinley water bottle, because he doesn't consume Coca-Cola bottles for the way it handles labour. Ditto is his feeling about Walmart. He uses the low-profile Lemote Yeeloong computer, browses the Net only once or twic…