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Charles Sullivan: Fighting Capitalism One Essay at a Time

Charles Sullivan: Fighting Capitalism One Essay at a Time
by Angie Tibbs Saturday, Sep. 16, 2006 at 8:17 PM

“No one is more effectively enslaved than those who think they are free”. Charles Sullivan

Meet Charles Sullivan, social activist, writer, and photographer from the hinterland of West Virginia, whose ongoing battle against capitalism and its inherent evils is a shining inspiration to all of us who are fighting for the very existence of humankind and the betterment of our world.

Angie: Over the past year your voice has become one of the most passionate and consistent in the fight against capitalism and its accompanying evils. What prompted you to rail against the "status quo"?

Charles: Even as a child growing up in typical small town America, the things that I was taught about America, things that are widely accepted because they are repeated so often, did not make sense to me. For example, we are always told that America is a Democracy, a…

Rainforests and economics

The economic system proposed by the Green Party of Iran is neither a free market nor command based system since both are based on unlimited economic expansion and consumption. We believe that a new economic system should be created - one that is in harmony with the environment in addition to working for the social well being of people. Since economies grow while ecosystems do not, a growing economy is a threat to the long-term health and well being of a society. In fact, in industrialized countries, large corporations seeking increased revenues are often the main perpetrators of environmental destruction. Although Iranian economic growth is less than growth in industrialized countries, Iran is still faced with difficult problems because of its fundamentalist regime. In fact, in addition to environmental destruction caused by profit seeking corporations, the ineffectiveness and corruption of the reactionary Islamic regime has caused much of the ecological devastation plaguing Iran toda…

Green Mars/Blue Mars: Interview with Mat Sellwood

Here another Another Green World interview, this time with Councillor Matt Sellwood, an Oxford Councillor and former member of the Green Party Executive.

1. How did you come to join the Green Party?

I joined the Green Party in 2001, as I arrived at university in Oxford. I had been considering what the best route 'electorally progressive' route was for a while before that, and had come to the conclusion that the Greens were the party for me - but it seemed pointless to join the year before, as I was to move to a new city that was a hotspot of Green activity. I soon got 'stuck in' as the joint co-ordinator of Oxford Green Party Students and was elected to my Student Union Council as a Green. The obvious big inspirations to me at that time were the Green councillors for Oxford city centre (the late Mike Woodin and Paul Ingram, who was Co-Leader of the City Council at the time) and Caroline Lucas. Listening to a speech by Caroline on the linkages between global justice and…

Neither Geras nor Galloway: Green thoughts on the Middle East

Very happy to be invited to talk to LINE, the London Islamic environmental network and I am off to a Muslim ecology event tonight at Birkbeck! So reposting these thoughts!

The Euston Manifesto, written primarily by Norman Geras and others, is a manifesto of Centre-Left intellectuals who are hostile to opponents of the war in Iraq and critical of the construction of political links between the Left and Islam.

While I am a strong opponent of the Iraq war, which has led to huge destruction and facilitated the growth of the most destructive tendencies in Islam, and while I work closely with Muslim activists, I find much of it unobjectionable.

However, I think it fails to build the case for involvement with the majority of Muslims who have a tolerant view of politics. There has to be a middle position between Islamphobia and uncritical tolerance of fundamentalist Salifism. Lets face it: there are many Muslim political activists with sound politics, as well as Muslim groups like the Islamic Fo…

Empire's Workshop:Interview with Greg Grandin

Greg Grandin (shown left) is an Assistant Professor of History at New York University, where he specialises in US foreign policy in Latin America. His most recent work, Empire's Workshop: Latin America, The United States, and the Rise of the New Imperialism, is an excellent book on the US attempts to build an empire in Latin America, and the parallels between the policy once adopted in Central America and the US foreign stance on the Middle-East today. Below is the interview I recently conducted with Greg, as well as an exclusive extract from Empire's Workshop!

You are known as a specialist in Guatemala politics. Can you tell me how you came to study the country and its relationship with the US?

I got involved in Central American solidarity work in the late 1980s, at the height of Reagan's Central American wars. It was toward the end of the Cold War, and opposing the Contras and US funding of death squad states in Guatemala and El Salvador, along with the South African anti-…

Join the Greens: Life after Hove

Well, usual Green party conference fun and games, what is new is that it has been blogged I think for the first time in some depth. Good to meet lots of fellow Green Party bloggers such as Peter Sanderson and my friend Jim Jepps at Hove, the event has promoted Green political blogging. I was wondering how Jim would cope with his first conference, they are odd beasts...went to my first in Malvern when it was the Ecology Party in 1980?, EP Thompson was awesome.

More from Sian here Didn't get to talk to Natalie Bennett who looks likely to be on green party exectutive and a proud user of the word 'feminist'...nice posts including the information we are all Basques (or is that the Basques were all European's in the age of Avebury)

The constitution debates were as usual the sticky ones and I will not repeat the arguments over the SOC.

Some good bits of policy and emergency motions were passed. The nightlife was good...although I didn't party much, having lost my voice d…

Greenhouse gases mean we need a new economy

The Tyndale centre says we have 4 years to cut co2 by 60%, the permafrost is melting releasing tons of methane (a much more potent climate change chemical than co2).

No doubt by putting up solar panels we can have a real effect, environmental problems such as the greenhouse effect show that the economy cannot grow for ever.

I live in Berkshire, down the road is the Ascot race course, rebuilt, is trying to get more people to come to the races, consuming more our economy if we sell more stuff we obviously prosper....we need to move to an economy where we share more, where we have libraries for all sorts of things, where goods last longer, where repairing goods makes sense.

Constantly increasing GDP can be based on cleaner technology but lets get our prosperity without throwing away more and more and rushing around in ever faster circles.

Sian Berry blogs Party conference for Greens

Hi Folks,

Off the train 7.39 tomorrow Brighton after work, swift cycle to Hove Town Hall for conference.

Could be sparky, motions on everything from Iraq to small shops...always fun honest..come an observe or if you are member come and make policy (could you do this in labour or the Conservatives?) (or the SWP).

I am speaking at Green Economics Institute friday 1pm council chamber, Green Left saturday with Peter Tatchell, Penny Kemp and Miriam Kennet 3pm council chamber (cheers Richard for booking!), After the Crash sunday 12pm....any way you don't read this to find out about lets move on.

Sian Berry is running for female principal speaker, she may win as there are no other candidates!

She is a great campaigner, works hard on 4 by 4 action and mobilised us for climate change, she has been supportative of Green Left but I would have thought has pretty wide appeal in the party.

Here is her is the press statement about here from Party office.

Green Party conference (Hove actually)

lib dems in Brighton, we are in Hove....see you there, I am speaking at Green left meeting on saturday, 3.20 council chamber and two green economics institute events, so high quality heckling please!

>From the office of South-East England’s Green MEP Caroline Lucas

September 19th,

Photocall… Media Invitation… Photocall… Media Invitation …



Event: Green MEP hosts public meeting on ‘Peak Oil and Climate
Place: Hove Town Hall, Norton Road, Hove
Time: Friday, September 22nd, 8pm

GREEN Party Euro-MP Caroline Lucas is to host a public meeting on climate
change and ‘peak oil’ during a four-day visit to Brighton and Hove for the
Green Party’s annual conference, which takes place at Hove Town Hall from
Thursday (September 21st) through to Sunday (September 24th)

The city’…

Headcorn Sustainability

Headcorn Sustainability

Penny Kemp, co-founder of Headcorn Sustainability, said: "A typical Sunday dinner travels 49,000 miles to get on your plate.

"At the same time it emits 37 kg of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

"You can actually see the difference that would be made if it's only travelled 12 or 20 miles."

As well as the day job (s), the kids and ecosocialismo,
I am also on the council of Headcorn Sustainability, which is run by Penny Kemp, one of the patrons is one Caroline Lucas (I believe she is a famous Euro MP).

With the sustainability barn, farmers market and lots of advice on sustainable living plus the biofuel car (don't worry George Monbiot, this is run on waste oil from Sarah's pub the George and Dragon not the rainforests).

All in all Headcorn sustainability makes a difference, why not start your own sustainabilty group.

And Vic Reeves is a member (don't know whether I am allowed to tell you this), shame that Tom Baker doesn't li…