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Stop Israel's War on Gaza! 24 November

National Demonstration
Stop Israel's War on Gaza
End the Siege Now
Saturday 24 November
Assemble Downing Street 12 NoonMarch to the Israeli Embassy

Gaza National Demonstration 24 November: Transport from outside London
Send details for transport in your area to
 Or call 0207 561 9311


good resolution drafted by the Initiative for Catalonia Greens and passed over the weekend, Greens need to be fighting austerity!

Resolution adopted as amended at the EGP Athens Council, November 2012
GREENS IN EUROPE JOIN THE ACTION DAY AGAINST AUSTERITY – NOVEMBER 14th The European Green Party welcomes the coordination and cooperation between different Trade Unions around the different actions on the 14th of November. We welcome that the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) is calling for a European Day of Action and Solidarity in favour of employment and solidarity, and against austerity. We have long stood for and continued to advocate solidarity, solidity and sustainability. The Greens commit to joining this mobilization with workers and social movements, calling for real change in current economic policies. After five years of deep economic, financial and ecological crisis, it is time to say with one single European voice that we need a radical change. Unba

What do we mean by 'common'?

By the ‘common’ we mean, first of all, the common wealth of the material world – the air, the water, the fruits of the soil, and all nature’s bounty – which in classic European political texts is often claimed to be the inheritance of the humanity as a whole, to be shared together. We consider the commons also, and more significantly those results of social production that are necessary for social interaction and further production, such as knowledges, languages, codes, information, affects, and so forth. This notion of the common does not position humanity separate from nature, as either its exploiter or its custodian, but focuses rather on the practices of interaction, care and cohabitation in a common world, promoting the beneficial and limiting the detrimental forms of the common. In the era of globalization, issues of the maintenance, production and distribution of the common in both these senses and in both ecological and  socioeconomic frameworks become increasingly central. (N…

Real news '350 generals supported Romney' because they worked for arms industry?

Richard Stallman who is a Green Party voter and the world's best know advocate of free software, has a great political news page.

Do have a regular look.

28 October 2012 (350 former generals endorse Romney)350 former generals endorsed Romney, perhaps because they now work for arms companies and he's promising to pay them more money.
28 October 2012 (Dust bowl in Oklahoma)The great drought has brought the dust bowl back to Oklahoma, and recent pesticide-heavy farming (thanks to GMOs) has made the soil more susceptible to blowing away.
28 October 2012 (Heirs of Faulkner sue Woody Allen)The heirs of author William Faulkner sued Woody Allen for using in a movie an 8-word attributed quotation from Faulkner's work.
This is ridiculous opportunism, but if successful, it could make copyright nastier for everyone.

Green Party of England and Wales wish the US Green Presidential candidate Dr Jill Stein and her vice-presidential candidate Cheri Honkala good luck

"The Green Party of England and Wales wish the US Green Presidential candidate Dr Jill Stein and her vice-presidential candidate Cheri Honkala good luck for tuesday's contest.  Stein and Honkala are inspiring candidates in a sterile electoral system.  While climate change will lead to greater instability and hurricane Sandy has smashed New York, neither Romney nor Obama will even mention the issue.  Both Romney and Obama are promoting coal extraction, more oil exploration and policies that threaten not just every American citizen but every global citizen with a more dangerous future.  From promoting a Green New Deal to protecting the poorest Americans the Green Party is doing vital work. Green Party International Coordinator Derek Wall continues: "We have also been sadden to hear how undemocratic the US presidential systems is.  We are shocked that Greens and other third party candidates have not been allowed on the ballot in every state.  The billions of dollars spent a…

The Coup in Concert 4 Mumia Abu-Jamal Saint-Gilles BXL - Strange Arithmetic

History has taught me some strange arithmetic Using swords, prison bars, and pistol grips English is the art of bombing towns While assuring that you really only blessed the ground Science is that honorable, useful study Where you contort the molecules and then you make that money In mathematics, dead children don't get added But they count the cost of bullets comin out the automatic [Chorus] Teacher My hands up Please, don't make me a victim Teachers Stand up You need to tell us how to flip this system [Boots Riley] Economics is the symphony of hunger and theft Mortar shells often echo out the cashing of checks In Geography class, it's borders, mountains and rivers But they will never show the line between the takers and givers Algebra is that unique occasion In which a school can say that there should be a balanced equation And then Statistics is the tool of the complicit To say everybody's with it and that you're the only critic [Chorus] [Boots Riley] Social…

Lets re-build New York! Climate action after a catastrophe

Bio: Chris Williams is a long-time environmental activist and author of Ecology and Socialism: Solutions to Capitalist Ecological Crisis (Haymarket, 2010). He is chair of the science dept at Packer Collegiate Institute and adjunct professor at Pace University in the Dept of Chemistry and Physical Science. His writings have appeared in Z Magazine, Green Left Weekly,, Counterpunch, The Indypendent, Dissident Voice, International Socialist Review, Truth Out, Socialist Worker, and ZNet. He reported from Fukushima in December and January and was a Lannan writer-in-residence in Marfa, Texas over the summer. How to Fight Climate Change and Rebuild a Stricken City
Despite the fact that New Yorkers live on several different islands, straddling the mouth of a great tidal river, on the edge of a storm-tossed ocean, city transit workers rightly pride themselves on their ability to effectively and safely transport New York’s seven million inhabitants, 75% of whom do not…

Green European Foundation embrace the commons

As Green Party of England and Wales International Coordinator I am looking forward to getting involved with the European Green Party work promoting the commons.

"The commons" is a term that is gaining increasing currency in political debate today, as thinkers and activists look for alternatives to what appears to be the failing model of the market economy. While many people have a broad idea of 'the commons', a means of co-managing a resource for the community as a whole, what does it means in practice? And where and when can the idea of a commons be applied?

Many of these issues were discussed at the GEF seminar earlier this year. Since the idea of the commons was reintroduced to public debate by the likes of Elinor Ostrom, many new forms of commons have become viable. An example discussed at the seminar was the idea of genetics and DNA as a type of 'commons'.

The topic is a rich one for debate, and this publication seeks to continue the discussi…