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Ital report from Caracas visit in January, scroll down for more Rasta stuff/fight the green Nazis…

The best thing was being taken to an ecological high school outside of Caracas, where the principal Cesar Brand proudly told us about their work. The children were taught about organic farming, an integrated agricultural system was being developed, he showed us a flow chart cycling manure into biodigester to produce energy and grow crops. Learning from Cuba’s special period where the whole nation went organic to reduce dependency on oil based fertilizers and pesticides, Venezuela’s which is the fifth largest oil producer is looking to a post-petroleum age.
This is a country where the Hilton Hotel is used for World Social Forum events and next to the Hotel is a large organic farming producing tons of produce each week. Chavez addressing the WSF proclaimed that it was ‘socialism or death’, noting that unlike Marx we no longer have the luxury of wa…

Green fascists and the BNP

Hi folks,

I thought I ought to flag up schnews, a weekly newsletter from Brighton, one of the fruits of the direct action/anti-roads/Earth First! milleau of the 1990s that I over lapped a bit with and wrote my Phd on (!). Well, anarchistic rather than green socialist if one wants to be pedantic but full of very good information, they are also challenging the coop bank over unethical investments, fighting for asylum rights and animal liberation.

Worth subscribing to on a weekly basis....any way on to green fascism, I have written on this at some length and done lots of research but to cut a long story short the only real over lap between the far right and greens in the UK at present is via social credit/monetary reform.

Not all social crediters are fascists but many are prepared to work with overt anti-semites.

The lynch pin seems to be Scottish activist Alistair Mcconnachie, an ex-UKIP member expelled for holocaust revisionism who now stands as an independent Green in Glasgow.

All very na…



I think Yochai Benkler is going to outshine Adam Smith and Keynes, his concept of social sharing provides an economics that will work in meeting human needs, ending bureaucratic forms of government control and in replacing markets with real human creativity. Ofcourse none of this is new, of course Benkler's paper on sharing nicely is quite modest and of course the whole project is open source so never one person's pet but lets celebrate Benkler, a rare economist with something interesting to say...the economist who shows how we can work with rather than against the planet.

Thanks for sharing

SIR – Yochai Benkler's contention that social sharing provides an economic alternative to both markets and the state sounds both novel and obscure (Economics focus, February 5th). Yet the principle of “usufruct”, which allows resources to be used by any individual provided he or she leav…

Top Ten books on ecology and revolution/George Monbiot, Hilary Wainwright and Joel Kovel

Top Ten books on ecology and revolution.

'How rare it is to come across Marxists who actually proclaim what is subversive, philosophical and militant in Marx’s work, or greens who unambiguously state that we need to live in an entirely different way if we are to live at all. In Kovel we have both; his book provides a pure and fundamental account of the key and overlapping themes of red and green philosophies.

There is a lot here: from Rosa Luxemburg’s love of buffaloes to Bhopal as a case study of capitalist-growth-induced catastrophe; from the pathologies of the Bush state to the threat in a devastated world of eco-fascism. It is richly argued, well referenced and impossible to put down.'

Foster, J. (2002) Ecology Against Capitalism. New York: Monthly Review Press.

Foster, J. (2000)Marx’s Ecology. New York: Monthly Review Press.

Fromm, E. (1979) To Have or To Be? London: Abacus.

Gould, P. (1988) Early Green Politics. Brighton: Harvester.

Kovel, J. (2002) The Enemy of Nat…

Nandor Tanczos: Green in South Africa

This is from Nandor's blog, hope you are getting the message about voting for him, then replacing other Green co-leaders, speakers, etc with equally 'dread' Rasta candidates and then going on to build a world beyond Babylon.

Hope you are also getting the message that their are some strong black roots to green politics, green politics is 'ital' politics, I ought to write something here about Mumia, Move and co but see my Green History book 1994 with a couple of great essays on green black themes that Alice Walker kindly let me use.

Another day I will also tell you how I got banned from every Tescos in Britain for life!

So people educate, agitate and organise, global capitalism is ruinning our planet..

All this stuff is obviously creative commons by the way...

There's more to Africa than famine and war
Friday, March 03, 2006

First published in the Waikato Times, January 2006:

In the summer of 2001, Hamilton-based Green MP Nandor Tanczos visits his
family in Cape Town and …

I am a Rasta. I am also an MP for the Green Party...Vote Nandor Tanczos!

Capitalism is also built on self-hatred. Consumer society depends on us being unhappy with who we are. Therefore we need to buy this car, this stereo, this clothing label, this house, to be satisfied and complete. Of course this gets us nowhere except into another cycle of self-hatred. We have to buy stuff to make us look different and smell different so we can conform to some fucked up idea of what is beautiful or right. Rasta says the most beautiful thing you can be is yourself. Natural hair, natural smell, natural living - that is ital, that is dread. Babylon hates this, because it cannot be commodified....

So I am a Rasta. I am also an MP for the Green Party. Both these ways of being are about natural law, about social justice, ecological wisdom, peace and true democracy.

Nandor Tanczos has declared as a candidate for the New Zealand Green Party co-leader, I am backing him...first black leader of a Green Party and one of the few really ecologically literate politicians on the planet…