31 Aug 2014

Green Party conference session on Rojava, Kurds and resistance to ISIS.

Appeal from the Kurds in Rojava for peace and justice.  Derek Wall, International Committee Dr Alan Semo, Kurdish politician from Syria, the UK representative PYD (Democratic Union Party) will speak to conference about the crisis in Iraq and Syria, and how we can provide solidarity with citizens terrorized by the so-called Islamic State in the region.

Green Party conference 2pm, sunday, 7th September.

You can find more details of our conference at Aston University, Birmingham here http://greenparty.org.uk/conference.html

Good introduction to Rojava and its democratic experiment http://roarmag.org/2014/07/rojava-autonomy-syrian-kurds/

30 Aug 2014

Urgent appeal to international community

 Iraqi Yazidi refugees walk through the Newroz camp in Hasaka province, north eastern Syria, on August 14, 2014, after fleeing advances by Islamic State jihadists in Iraq (AFP Photo/Ahmad al-Rubaye )

Urgent appeal to international community   

We are calling for all international organizations, human rights bodies, civil society organizations, United Nations bodies, the League of the Arab States, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, all humanitarian relief organizations, the international charity organizations, we are calling on all of them to stand with us, support us and live up to their humanitarian obligations and provide relief for the Yezidi people.  
The Yezidis are facing genocide, ethnic cleansing and forced displacement by the ISIS and we have been able so far to rescue nearly 100.000 people in very difficult conditions. A large number of them have lost their lives as a result of the hardships, many of them summarily executed, including women and children. Thousands have been forced into the Badush prison in Mosul, where also a large number of women are being held, some of them sold into slavery.   We would like to stress that at this moment 12.000 refugees are placed in the Newroz refugee camp, and many more are expected to come. All of them are in great need of humanitarian aid, essential necessities of life (food, medicine, clothing, etc. including tents).   We are confident that our call will be heard and that you will meet your moral obligations and support us in providing for the victims and those who have been forcibly displaced.     

Please send cheques and money to Heyva Sor 
 Heyva Sor, Address: Fairfax Hall 11 Portland Gardens / London N4 IHU 

 Registered Charity No: 10 93 741, Company No: 42 85 714  

 Bank Sort code: 20 46 60  Bank Account No: 40 91 23 87

This is from text supplied by Kurdistan Solidarity workers

29 Aug 2014

London Kurdish Film Festival 'Yazidis: Past, Present and Future'.

London Kurdish Film Festival Event:



Saturday 30th August, 1-6pm SOAS University, SOAS Main Building, Djam Lecture Theatre (DLT), Thornhaugh Street, Russell Square, WC1H OXG, London.


For the last three weeks, the world has been watching the great tragedy, exodus and displacement of the Yazidi people unfold. Members of this ancient faith are now faced with annihilation as a result of brutal attacks of the Islamic State that is wreaking havoc on their ancient homeland. Hundreds of thousands of people, young, old, women and disabled have been displaced, kidnapped, killed. Many more, have died from hunger and thirst in these vicious attacks staged by IS. The scale of the tragedy that is still unfolding is still unknown and it seems like these tragedies in the Middle East will be on going for the unforeseeable future.


We, as the London Kurdish Film Festival, are organising a multifaceted daylong event to draw more attention to this humanitarian crisis:



13:00 - An exhibition of drawings by the German Illustrator Olivier Kugler, which depict the social life of displaced refugees in Domiz Camp in Dohuk city, Kurdistan. The drawings have been published in Harper's, Le Monde Diplomatique, Internazionale and Port Magazine.



14:00 - The screening of “Lalish Mihrani” by director Aso Haji, a documentary portraying the life of Yazidi people and the spiritual journey of their belief system. The director of this beautifully narrated documentary was given unprecedented access to the Yazidis’ shrines in Lalish, their Mecca, as well as their elderly and clergies. This film delves into this highly secretive and conservative community to develop a sympathetic and empathetic understanding of this often-misunderstood belief group.

*15 Minutes Break.



15:15 - A short screening of news coverage from Kurdistan and the region.



15:30 - Panel: "Yazidis; Past, Present & Future". Who are the Yazidi People? What took place? Why have the Yazidi people been targeted? and the future of Yazidi people in the Middle East.



Mr. Guney Yildiz (Journalist - BBC World Service)



Professor Christine Allison (Kurdish Studies, Exeter University) will be talking about the Yazidis history, culture and belief system.



Mr. Yilmaz Gunay (Secretary of Federation of Yazidi Associations) will be talking about the Yazidis’ expectations and what awaits them.


Mr. Eyup Burc (IMC TV Co-ordinator) will be talking about what has happened recently, why Yazidis have been targeted and the position of Kurdish forces.


Mr. Aris Roussinos (Freelance Journalist - Vice News) will be talking about the current situation and the situation of the Yaziidi refugees.






For more information please contact:
Snah Fatah 07818508533

Memed Aksoy 07506702967