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Green/ethical Christmas

The first consignment of tea was due to go out to a group of people who are known are considered to be untouchable by upper caste Hindus. Because, they are the community that does all of the un-clean work, cleaning toilets, burying carcasses and so on: totally un-touchable. There is terrible discrimination against them. We found that they were also huge tea drinkers. And we said why don’t we send the tea to them? And we had a meeting of our tribal people. And asked them if some profit is generated through this transaction how do you think we should distribute it? How much should they get, how much should we get? Now, there were two hundred people at this meeting, and they turned around and said, are you mad? These people are so much worse off than us, they have trouble in every way, why should we take anything of their profit, and we’ve got the cost of our tea. We’ve got a fair price. If there is a surplus generated, let them keep it. Market sense? Not at all. (Thekaekara 2003: 9-10)


Support climate change protest: November 4th

Hi folks,

pleasing to get a letter published on Stern albeit a bit edited and deradicalised today

This is a mixture of Green party stuff in preparation for the march, we need to be thinking incidentally about reclaiming and deepening green politics, in response ot climate change.

Society has to change radically, so radical green solutions are important, spray paint environmentalism is not enough.

Climate Change March
On November 4, the Saturday before the UN Climate Talks in Nairobi, it is
important for the Green Party to have a strong presence at the Campaign Against
Climate Change London march. Party members, wearing green if possible, are asked
to assemble in Grosvenor Square (in front of the US Embassy) at 11am, for the
noon start of the speeches, which will feature our own Caroline Lucas MEP. (Look
out for campaigns coordinator Tim Summers and his megaphone.) Last year there
were many hundreds of us, including Young Greens and people from all over the
country, and it was the most impressiv…

Stern is not enough

Post office privatisation is closing offices, here in Berkshire there are no buses on a sunday or after 6.30 weekdays. Consumerism is virtually a secular religion. Stern draws attention to climate change but the solution is a green society based on local production for local need, open source economics, sharing more, making goods to last longer....and all the rest.

The realisation that we cannot treat our planet as a badly managed toilet, is slowly dawning.

However, everything requires a rethink.

Radical green politics I think so, alternatives to an economic system that works best when we consume more and more I know so.

A different kind of economy, cultural change....the Green Party needs to be raising awareness and supporting struggles to keep the local post office open (neo-liberalism is working to close it), arguing for a world which meets need (cheap housing for the next generation in Britain, please) and works against greed (£7.5 billion last year in city bonuses).

We need to get t…

Blair = greed = ecocide

The greatest crime of the Blatcherites has been the spreading of the affluenza virus among the rest of us. They seem to despise mothers who care for their small children - or anyone else whose work is not paid. They use education to create good little consumer-producers, not to set minds free. They lock students into debts, then impose an insecure, workaholic working environment and a bloated property market that keeps the young on a hedonistic, consumerist treadmill. Above all their talk of "opportunity", "choice" and "freedom" is just Americanised material aspirationalism.

Blair, well I am being shallow but he is not nice man at is a letter to the Guardian, they didn't print it, have had 4 in the G or the O in about two months so fair enough...

Dear Editor,
Oliver James critique of 'Nouveau Riche Labour' (Guardian, 23rd October) is instructive. In 1997 would those who voted 'New Labour' with the jingle 'things can only g…


LSESU Climate Change Awareness Week - Featuring Michael Meacher, Aubrey Meyer, Andrew Simms and More!
Submitted by Aled Dilwyn Fisher on 27 October, 2006 - 14:11 unions | C&C | emissions | renewable energy | students | nuclear | Blair & Labour

Dear Campaigners against Climate Change,

My name is Aled Dilwyn Fisher and I am the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) Students' Union (SU) Environment and Ethics Officer. Next week, between Monday 30th October and Friday 3rd November, the LSESU is running its first ever Climate Change Awareness Week in anticipation of the November 4th worldwide demonstrations. A number of events are happening, listed below, including talks from Michael Meacher MP, Andrews Simms, Aubrey Meyer, Derek Wall and many more!


MONDAY OCTOBER 30th, 6.30pm, D302
Does Capitalism Equal Climate Change?

SPEAKER: Dr. Derek Wall, Visiting Lecturer in Political Economy at Goldsmiths College and author of Babylon and…

More Green Party history

off line for a couple, don't worry I haven't been kidnapped by Ron Hubbard, here is some more history!

The Party only had about 400 members in those days, a mere dozen of whom seemed to live in London, so candidates were obviously few and far between. So ‘green’ was I that I didn’t even know that as an ILEA teacher, I was not in fact permitted to stand as a candidate for the GLC!” Jonathon Porrit in Seeing Green. 1984

Well 1977, the first Ecology Party constitution is agreed (has anyone got a copy, this would clear a few questions that I have been asked), Jonathon Porritt is about to join...

At the 1977 Birmingham Conference, the first Ecology Party constitution was ratified. Ironically, its author, Jonathon Tyler, was to spend much of his time as a Party member attempting to amend his own constitution, a process that led to his disillusionment and eventual resignation after the ‘Maingreen’ affair. The Party has generally generated more heat over constitutional debates than polic…

Tom Cruise killed Kenny!

I really must let this go, Blairism, capitalism, salifism are all just as vulgar and nasty as the creed of Tom Cruise and Posh Spice(?) simply could not resist this, though. They are loonies, are they not?

by the way excellent review of the Dawkins book by Terry Eagleton (who in my opinion can do no wrong) here

Imagine someone holding forth on biology whose only knowledge of the subject is the Book of British Birds, and you have a rough idea of what it feels like to read Richard Dawkins on theology.

Just found this...Erich Fromm is always worth reading as well!

This is the html version of the file

Erich Fromm
„Dianetics“ - For Seekers of Prefabricated Happiness
This is a review of L. Ron Hubbard's Dianetics with which Hubbard founded
his Scientology-Church. The review originally was published in The New
York Herald Tribune Book Review of September 3, 1950, p. 7. - Copyright
© 1950 by Erich Fromm and 2004 by The Literary Estate of Erich Fromm,

The Church of the Poisoned Mind: Scientology in London.

Behind the hype and "PR" (public relations), Scientology is a money-making enterprise which systematically exploits, under the guise of help, the hopes, needs, and weaknesses of those it recruits. It operates by selling questionable services with ambiguous products (so that fraud is difficult to prove), then using mind control techniques to substitute certainty (loyalty) in place of truth. The result is to make those who take the bait into captive group members who will sacrifice their lives and fortunes to the group, defend it, and insist publicly that they received benefit.

In its efforts to conceal the reality, Scientology has become notorious for vicious attacks and disregard of the civil rights of any who would expose the truth of its actual practices. As with rape and other abuse, cult activity can cause lasting harm to those involved, to their families, and to society. Scientology and social control

Well, wake, take a look at the BBC London news and there is a hymn to S…

Smash the mirror

Language is actually employed to keep thought at bay.

The ravages of Pinter's battle with cancer are staring you in the face as he sits wheelchair-bound, and every word he speaks sounds as if it comes from the grave, deep and rasping. The combination of frailty and tenacity is terribly moving. (Independent, 22/10/2006)

The United States possesses 8,000 active and operational nuclear warheads. Two thousand are on hair trigger alert, ready to be launched with 15 minutes warning. It is developing new systems of nuclear force, known as bunker busters. The British, ever cooperative, are intending to replace their own nuclear missile, Trident. Who, I wonder, are they aiming at? Osama bin Laden? You? Me? Joe Dokes? China? Paris? Who knows? What we do know is that this infantile insanity - the possession and threatened use of nuclear weapons - is at the heart of present American political philosophy. We must remind ourselves that the United States is on a permanent military footing and show…

Peat is new peak oil

Any sign of the principal speaker ballot papers or the online candidates hustings video?

Anyway this is from Schnews, they would make a much better Green Party principal speaker than any of the actual candidates.

From Schnews


SchNEWS gets its hands dirty and fingers burnt in the climate change debate

So what on earth do bogs, moors, muskegs, mires and tropical swamp forests all have in common? Yep, the clue was in the question - they're made of good old peat that's what. The rich soily stuff forms from layers of decayed organic matter. Under the right conditions it is an early stage of the coal forming process. And all that means that it's packed full of carbon, which as nearly everyone (!) now knows causes major hassles for the climate when it gets rudely and massively released at the hands of unthinking humans. You might be surprised to learn that the carbon stored in global peat is the equivalent of 100 years of fossil fuel emissions at current rates.

Robbing the sick to pay the rich: Cancer drug monopolists

H319 The Green Party recognises the huge profits made by the drug companies out of the NHS. This is often through a form of cartel pricing, and we do not believe it is right that the National Health Service as a public health service should have to pay unfair prices. Therefore we will set up an independent NHS Pharmaceutical Body with power to set the price of drugs provided to the NHS. The Body will be composed of doctors, healthcare professionals, economists, and a legally trained chairperson, which will look at the cost of research and development in drugs and their manufacture, and receive evidence from chemists, the pharmaceutical companies, and other countries' health services. The Body will then decide what is a fair price for a drug which is to be provided to the NHS by the manufacturer, and that will be the price which the NHS will pay for the drug.

Herceptin is one example but there are many others, cancer drugs that NICE the government body over seeing NHS drugs buying,…

Caroline Lucas in 7.35pm channel four appeal for West Papua

UN seat for Indonesia!


A EURO-MP has called for Indonesian troops to withdraw from West Papua and
the peoples of the island to be granted a referendum on independence ahead
of a Channel Four documentary detailing human rights violations in the
province to be screened tonight (Friday, October 20).

Caroline Lucas, Green Party MEP for South-East England, said the Unreported
World programme, to be screened at 7.35pm on Channel Four tonight (Friday,
October 20th), gives a rare insight into life – and death – in one of the
most isolated and oppressed countries on earth.

She said: “West Papuans have no political freedom – even discussing the
notion of independence can – and often does – lead to torture and murder at
the hands of the Indonesian military.

“The international community must put pressure on Indonesia to withdraw from
West Papua and let the Papuans democratically decide their future for
themselves. The I…

Renationalise Thames water

Darren Johnson
London Assembly Green Party Member

12 October 2006

Water sale opposed

Responding to news that Thames Water has been taken over by the company Macquarie for around £8billion, Darren Johnson, a London Assembly Green Party member said:

"Londoners are faced with more uncertainty over the capital's water supply following the sale of Thames Water. What are the new company's attitudes to the investment needed to tackle leakages, conserve water and stop raw sewage being dumped in the Thames? We have absolutely no idea. What we can be sure of is that, once again, the demands of shareholders will come before the needs of customers and the needs of the environment. Rather than let the new owners take control it's time for Thames Water to be brought back into public ownership, properly accountable to Londoners through the GLA."

Notes to Editors

1) A group led by Australian investment bank Macquarie Bank Ltd. won the battle to buy utility Thames Water for 4.…

Islam in Windsor commented here on the Green Party site on the need for a Muslim place of worship in Windsor. You may have picked up on the violence in Dedworth, Windsor, the planning dispute over a Muslim prayer space and the fact that the Queen has allowed part of Windsor Castle to be used for Muslim prayer.

green party hist ch1, pt 2

“… voters did not connect PEOPLE with ecology. What I wanted was something that the media could look up in their files so that, when they wanted a spokesman of the issue of ecology, they could find the Ecology Party and pick up the phone. It was as brutal and basic as that. PEOPLE didn’t communicate what we had hoped it would communicate”.

It's 1974, teenage public school boy David Taylor is contemplating growing his hair long, changing his name , sitting in front of trains to stop them transporting nuclear waste and getting stuck into the anarcho direct action green movement including the green gatherings and green CND.....surely this man must have been the most controversial male principal speaker the Green Party has every seen. Seriously I saw David at the Hove conference, he has a very lengthy pedigree as a key Green political activist, I met him at my first Ecology Party South West regional meeting in 1981 and was amazed by how long his blonde hair was.

He pretty much defined…

George Monbiot. Heat, a review

"unless you believe that these activities are worth the sacrifice of the biosphere and the lives of the poor", you won't be flying after reading George's book Heat.

Today you can find the tariffs for crimes about to be committed on noticeboards erected throughout cyberspace. 'Carbon offset' companies promise to redeem the environmental cost of your carbon emissions by means of intercession with the atmosphere: planitng less, funding renewable energy projects in distant nations and doubtless, somewhere, helping Andean villagers to build bridges. Just as in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries you could sleep with your sister, kill and lie without fear of eternal damnation, today you can leave your windows open while the heating is on, drive and fly without endangering the climate, as long as you give your ducats to one of the companies selling indulgences. There is even a provision of the Kyoto Protocl permitting nations to increase theri official productio…

Plane Stupid

In the past year the directors and chief executives of groups such as WWF, Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth and the Soil Association have crisscrossed the globe, visiting the Falklands, Japan, Africa and Brazil.

All are running high-profile campaigns to persuade people to change their lifestyles and cut emissions of carbon dioxide.

George Monbiot, a leading environmentalist, said this weekend he was “very disappointed — especially if they are flying on holiday”. Heat, Monbiot’s new book on climate change, warns of disastrous temperature rises unless western countries cut carbon emissions by 90% by 2030, meaning a virtual end to flying.
Green jetsetters, Sunday Times, October 1st, 2006.

Nearly got run over by this huge motorbike, sure it was driven by Mayer Hillman, well for at least half a minute.

Jonathon Leake from the Sunday Times phoned me up to talk about the new direct action campaign against flights and mentioned Joss Garman, who seems to be the personality behind a wave of ne…

Heat. George Monbiot

"unless you believe that these activities are worth the sacrifice of the biosphere and the lives of the poor", you won't be flying after reading George's book Heat.

Today you can find the tariffs for crimes about to be committed on noticeboards erected throughout cyberspace. 'Carbon offset' companies promise to redeem the environmental cost of your carbon emissions by means of intercession with the atmosphere: planitng less, funding renewable energy projects in distant nations and doubtless, somewhere, helping Andean villagers to build bridges. Just as in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries you could sleep with your sister, kill and lie without fear of eternal damnation, today you can leave your windows open while the heating is on, drive and fly without endangering the climate, as long as you give your ducats to one of the companies selling indulgences. There is even a provision of the Kyoto Protocl permitting nations to increase theri official productio…

climate change march, 4th November

Cycling from work today, saw a guy driving a huge 4 by 4 lunge towards me, convinced it was Tony Juniper for at least 46 seconds,

anyway Calvin Jones, thanks for this, Both Calvin and I forgot the is of course 4th November....London Fed of Green Parties will be having an organisation meeting and GPEX campaigns officer Tim Summers will be organising a Green Party meeting point, so watch this space.

10.00am Cycle protest assembles at Lincoln's Inn Fields, South side (Holborn/Temple tube). Goes via ExxonMobil offices, Australian Embassy and Downing Street to arrive at US embassy at 11.30 am.

11.00am Rally opens : Messages from around the world, performance poetry & musical protest with "Seize the Day" and others.

12 noon Main Rally at US Embassy, Grosvenor Square. Speakers include George Monbiot, Colin Challen MP, Caroline Lucas MEP, Norman Baker MP, Zac Goldsmith.

1.00 pm March for Global Climate Justice from US embassy to Trafalgar Square

1.45 - 2.00 pm March join…

Save Titnore Woods

"Clearly with so many outstanding issues it would be premature to recommend to those camped in the woods to protect them, to end their occupation".

Sat up a tree once myself, small tree...but it helped stop Tesco's from gobbling up Golden Hill for a little longer....we did trolley runs as a protest when they built it finally and I got told that I was banned from all Tesco stores for life.

Hi Derek

Please could you support our campaign in anyway possible..

I am a fully paid up member of UK Green Party

love & solidarity

Chris Tomlinson

Protect Our Woodland

Press Release for Immediate Release 23.09.06

Following the West Sussex County Council's Press Release 997 (1) John Clark on behalf of Protect Our Woodland said: "We are delighted that the County Council have acknowledged how important to local people the woodland along Titnore Lane is by now recommending that the bends should not be straightened opposite South Lodge. The result of that mea…

Ahwazi human rights denied by Iran

I get the occassional email about this blog, here is some information and feedback on the persecution of Ahwazi people in Iran


Mr Derek Wall

My name is Reza Vashahi , i'm an Ahwazi person in Uk, I read your article about Ten Arab activists face execution in Iran , Thank you for your Intrest in Ahwazi case.

Two days ago an Article published in the Times you can see it here :,,6-2395978,00.html#post_comment

I myself ,I has a : website

Thank you for your Humanity about Ahwazi people.

Reza vashahi

This is how Ahwazi Arab people were put under political, cultural, social and economic subjugation by the past Iranian monarchist and the current clerical regimes for the past 78 years.UNPO :The Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization

Fat nation

Dear Editor,

The news that Britain is now officially the fattest nation in Europe is something that we seem to be celebrating. Perhaps this is why Mcdonalds are the official sponsors of the London Olympics? While this may be good for our national sport of Sumo wrestling, it may not set a Jamie Olivier style example of eating habits to our children. What next free Marlboro lites for runners in the London marathon?


Dr Derek Wall.

had this in the Metro, well a bit sarc...but the propaganda offensive continues. Unlike the Guardian they don't edit it heavily but well a bit sarc

Green Alternatives

Well, the hustings was great fun, it is going up on the green party website in a day or look out for it, although I think it may just be 'internal'...needs to be a bit more open source in my this space

Green alternatives to globalisation
Mike Woodin and Caroline Lucas argue that opposition to globalisation is not enough, coherent economic alternatives have to be outlined together with a series of measures to move from our present society to an alternative future. They build on the approach of Colin Hines, author of Localization: A Global Manifesto (2000). Globalisation for all three authors is largely politically driven. Drawing on the analysis presented by anti-corporate anti-capitalists (see chapter three), they suggest that globalisation has been advanced to meet the needs of an elite. Globalisation is not an irreversible or automatic process, it is politically driven and can be rolled back or radically transformed. Thus they feel it is quite …