4 Oct 2006

Green party male Principal Speaker: Ashley Gunstock or Keith Taylor or Derek Wall

can't comment on this, for obvious reasons but here is the story!


London Fed has decided to organise a hustings for the male speakership on
Green Party Executive. This is the only post where there will be postal
voting. Your voting papers should arrive in the next week or so.

All three candidates have agreed to take part and there will be an opportunity
for members to ask questions.

DATE: Wednesday next, October 11th.

VENUE: 1b Waterlow Road, N19. This is next door to Party Office and close
to Archway Tube and several bus routes.

TIME: 7.30pm

Statements from the candidates follows:


As a former Principal Speaker when we received 15% in the 1989 Euro
elections; I have extensive media experience. I have appeared on Newsnight,
BBC news, Sky News, in the Guardian and Independent, Radio work includes
PM and today. I have written six books on green politics and am an university
lecturer (economics). I can answer the tough questions and have spoken to
audiences of thousands.

It is vital that the Male Principal speaker post generates more TV time.
a world where the five members of the Walton family (Walmart) earn $120bn
annually; where we consume 84million barrels of oil a day; where the great
apes may be extinct by 2050; where British soldiers participate in war
crimes and where authoritarianism threatens an ID controlled and micro
chipped society, the Green Party message of ecology, justice, real democracy
and peace is essential.

I am proud to have been nominated by nearly 30 members from across the Party
including five councillors and a former Party chair.

Green politics is the politics of survival; climate change and other
problems, species loss and war threaten life on Earth. The Green Party has
excellent MEPs, GLA members and councillors but must make a bigger media
-I can contribute.

My priorities will be TV, Glastonbury, NUS/ trade union conferences and
marches. I am flexible and the fact that I work in Central London will give
me access to TV and radio, while pod casting/blogging will make my voice
louder. Being Speaker means performing under Paxman pressure, generating
news and getting stuck in where necessary with direct action.

If you want
to see more of the Principal Male Speaker on Newsnight, vote for me.

Ashley Gunstock

I am standing for Male Principal Speaker as I possess excellent public speaking
skills, acquired through 27 years experience as a professional actor. This,
combined with my 17-year commitment to GP policies, has resulted in my selection
for all Council, GLA and General elections ? enabling me to speak at countless
political forums.

Initially a Barnet member, I remain Chairman of their Co-op ? founded to
establish the Green Room environmental centre ? and was instrumental in
Homeless Action and LA21.

Since 1999 I have been active in Waltham Forest & Redbridge, helping Jean
Lambert in two successful Euro campaigns and currently advance Green policies
within local anti-war, peace, anti-fascist, Fairtrade & LA21 groups.

Being also a teacher and football coach, I am at the sharp end of what is
really happening in society today and well known to local media as someone
able to effectively provide a Green perspective response to events as they

As Principal Speaker I would promote how our ?Greenprint? agenda holds the
key to raising social awareness and addresses issues of public concern ?
in conjunction with lessening the impact of the human ecological footprint
? realising our slogan: ?think globally, act locally? for a better future.


"As I stand for election to a third term as Principal Speaker (PS), I am
excited by the Party?s renewed energy and determination to succeed at the
ballot box. We?ve had our best ever results in this year?s local elections
and I?m proud to have been part of delivering that success.

The PS role is a demanding one, and apart from daily work alongside our
press team, in the past year I?ve:
· put together the Party?s response on the new nuclear power station
· submitted the Party?s evidence to the Power Inquiry into local
· researched defining an alternative and radical economic strategy for
South East England (on behalf of Caroline Lucas)

Additionally I?ve appeared on many BBC/ITV news and current affairs
broadcasts on television and radio, and have had dozens of letters and
mentions in the national and local press. I?ve spoken at public meetings
organised by the GP and other groups such as Friends of the Earth, Local
Works Campaign, and conservation/ business/ community organisations.

My busiest time as PS was the six weeks I took out for the national ?Dirty,
Dangerous and Expensive? speaking tour, which dealt with the threats posed
by a new nuclear power programme and championed renewable energy. I visited
around 30 towns, including most of the areas which saw new councillors
elected. The tour was a great success, and if re-elected I will tour again.

Our Party already has the policies that millions of people want. When
alongside the ?grey? parties we win every argument, now we have to win
votes. I don?t believe we need to remodel our philosophy; instead we have
to continually sharpen our performance.

My priority has been, and if elected will continue to be, to communicate
our vision of economic, social and environmental justice in ways that are
accessible and easily understood by the broadest audiences.

I have learnt an immense amount over two years as your PS, and that
learning will continue. I see my job quite clearly - to convince and
convert people into voting Green. My own track record in that regard is
clear ? a senior elected councillor on a £500m Local Authority for seven
years and, with some fantastic help, securing the highest-ever UK Green
general election vote at 22%.

If you vote for me I will use all my talents and efforts to advance our
electoral success".

City Councillor for St Peters & North Laine Ward
Convenor of Green Councillors Group
tel/fax 01273 291165

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How can I locate the email adress of Ashley Gunstock?
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