31 Oct 2006

Support climate change protest: November 4th

Hi folks,

pleasing to get a letter published on Stern albeit a bit edited and deradicalised today

This is a mixture of Green party stuff in preparation for the march, we need to be thinking incidentally about reclaiming and deepening green politics, in response ot climate change.

Society has to change radically, so radical green solutions are important, spray paint environmentalism is not enough.

Climate Change March
On November 4, the Saturday before the UN Climate Talks in Nairobi, it is
important for the Green Party to have a strong presence at the Campaign Against
Climate Change London march. Party members, wearing green if possible, are asked
to assemble in Grosvenor Square (in front of the US Embassy) at 11am, for the
noon start of the speeches, which will feature our own Caroline Lucas MEP. (Look
out for campaigns coordinator Tim Summers and his megaphone.) Last year there
were many hundreds of us, including Young Greens and people from all over the
country, and it was the most impressive Green turnout at a demonstration anyone
could remember, so let’s see if we can make it better this year! Any queries
contact Tim: tim-summers@hotmail.com.

This is from the London Green party list

Dear Green climate campaigner,


All day Green Party stall sets up at 10.30am in Trafalgar Square with Ann C. leading and other volunteers
arriving through the morning. Hopefully next to the large Brixton Tea Party refreshment stall also run by Greens.

11am- US Embassy: Green stall and all placards, leaflets, banners assemble outside US Embassy, probably south side from 11am onwards.

Join Rally outside US Embassy. Distribute new climate leaflets in 100 bunches to any available Green activists.

Young Greens expected to have their own presence and own climate placards available.
1pm Assemble and join CACC demo in various Green groups with all available banners, placards, leaflets etc and march to Trafalgar Square whilst spreading the Green Party message and having as high visibility as possible.

Green Left are pitching in with the general Green Party effort.

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