13 Oct 2006

Ahwazi human rights denied by Iran

I get the occassional email about this blog, here is some information and feedback on the persecution of Ahwazi people in Iran


Mr Derek Wall

My name is Reza Vashahi , i'm an Ahwazi person in Uk, I read your article about Ten Arab activists face execution in Iran , Thank you for your Intrest in Ahwazi case.

Two days ago an Article published in the Times you can see it here :


I myself ,I has a : website

Thank you for your Humanity about Ahwazi people.

Reza vashahi

This is how Ahwazi Arab people were put under political, cultural, social and economic subjugation by the past Iranian monarchist and the current clerical regimes for the past 78 years.UNPO :The Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization

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Anonymous said...

Hi Derek,

I really think that one should be careful in criticizing the Iranian govt at the moment - at a moment when any excuse to go to war will be latched onto by a trigger happy USA.

Now is not the moment to bring these things to the forfront - a war would put back the reform movement that is going on there - making things worse for the arabs and everyone else in the country. I am not here to apologize for the regieme and its abuses of human rights, but I do think that we should consider the wider implications of what we say!

It is pretty dangerous to fan flames right now!

All the Best

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