1 Oct 2006

Another 'another green world'

There are a whole series of other 'another green world' blogspots, Here is Jennifer Campagnolo

Another Green World - Jennifer Campagnolo

Another Green World defined

Another Green World is the title of a Brian Eno album [1975 Island Records] and the 1.5 minute title track that, 25+ years ago, inspired me to create a theory and way of being that just might change the world!

The Another Green World theory is simple: if the only thing I can change is me, then I will make my existence, everything I do, as clean and green as possible. If others do the same, then those beautiful, responsible, pulsating, happy, green cells of others can join together to make a larger mass of beautiful, responsible, pulsating, happy green energy. Sounds simple right? It is. It also has wide ranging possibilities and includes all of our behaviour.

Creating another green world for yourself means living lightly and responsibly on the Earth, it means recognizing that you exist only because others exist, it means doing no harm, and doing what you can to make sure that you are doing what you were put on this Earth to do.”


yes but no but yes....as we English like to say! I love my garden, my ital food, cycling...but lets change the structures...from rules allowing us to put bikes on trains, to legal reform to replace giant corporations with mutuals, etc.

Green means political

Judith Lewis, is I think, an environmental lawyer in LA, correct me if I am wrong lots of good stuff on US environmentalism especially on the West coast.

I was amused by her ungreen SUV trip to the Burning Man Festival, something so Scottish taken to the US of A.

Got back with a wretched sore throat last week from Burning Man, where I lived a pretty upstanding life. But not a green one, by any stretch: I rented an SUV to get to the event, spent $150 each way on gas, used ice by the bagfull to chill our nightly bottle of Proseco and generally squandered paper (towels), plastic (water bottles) and any other resources I could get my hands one (zip ties, shower water, electricity generated with petro-diesel fuel).

And I’m still not as bad as some people I know, who put up domes of toxic PVC pipe and dump their graywater on the Playa.

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