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Britain's historic peace bookshop Housmans has published it's first ever e-book.

Historic peace bookshop publishes first ever e-book 
Britain's historic peace bookshop Housmans has published it's first ever e-book.  

Downloaded by more than 1000 people in the first week after it's online launch, You Can’t Evictan Idea is a first-hand account of the Occupy movement, including an assessment of the impacts, and an argument about what can be learnt. It was written while the author Tim Gee was touring with his first book Counterpower (New Internationalist, 2011). 

The publisher - a founder member of the Alliance of Radical Booksellers - has taken steps to ensure the limited edition printed version is sold exclusively by radical bookstores rather than corporate giants such as Amazon. 

The e-book is available to download for free or as a physical book from the Housmans website [].


From 1 April, print copies of You Can't Evict an Idea will be available from Bluestockings (New York), Big Idea (Pittsburgh), Word Power (Edinburgh),…

Capitalism vs climate meeting in Dorchester, 6th April

Speaker: Derek Wall
International Coordinator for the Green Party [pc]
Sat 6th April, 1.30pm, Colliton Club
(Opp. County Hall), Colliton Park, Dorchester

Dorset Socialistsis very proud to welcome Derek Wall this month.Derek is a prominent Green Party speaker, a socialist and regular columnist in the Morning Star.

Capitalism threatens to destroy the planet through its uncontrolled search of profits and its unbridled greed.No other society has wantonly dumped food in the oceans to maintain profits or exterminated entire species in the search for a quick buck.

But huge disagreements exist over how to stop the beast.Should we seek a rural idyll and abandon production altogether?Should we trade carbon production by mighty states against its lesser output by the poorer, usually undeveloped countries?Should we pin our hopes on voting for ecological
parties in elections?

Come and discuss how we save our planet without wiping out humanity!
All Welcome

VAMPIRE HOLIDAY: The Passing of Chávez

VAMPIRE HOLIDAY: The Passing of Chávez [col. writ. 3/8/13] © ’13 Mumia Abu-Jamal

The death of Venezuelan President, Hugo Chávez has brought out the malicious and carnal glee of the corporate press, who report, breathlessly, not only on his mortal passing, but an end to the Bolivarian Revolution.

Meeting on the commons 21st March, 2013 with Silke Helfrich

A World that Works for Everyone.
Thursday 21st March, 6-30 to 8.30 PM
Location: School of Slavonic and Eastern European Studies, 
16 Taviton Street, Room #433 - London.

Hugo Chavez RIP

Dear friends, International committee has agreed the following statement and I am going to tonights candle light vigil (see below) as well as signing the book of condolences in Bolivar Hall, best wishes, Derek As International Co-ordinator of the Green Party of England and Wales I would like to offer condolences to the Venezuelan people for the loss of President Hugo Chavez.  Along with  Jean Lambert MEP, Richard Mallender then chair of the Green Party Executive and other members of the Green Party, I had the pleasure of meeting Hugo Chavez when he spoke in London in 2006.
Venezuela is one of the few countries in the world that has become more equal in the last decade.  Hugo Chavez did so much to create community development and social inclusion boosting health care, housing and education.  He was a friend to those in the barrios and indigenous people.  While Venezuela, like Britain in the 1980s, has an economy highly dependent on oil, their government has been an advocate…

Yellow squares on the windows : The Sussex Occupation

Sunday 24th February.The Occupation banners were flapping in an icy cold breeze outside Bramber House of Sussex University, where a fluctuating number of students (a core group of 50 plus various supporters) had been occupying the top floor conference room for 17 days in protest at the proposed privatisation of virtually every non academic function and facility on the campus. As I live nearby, have a daughter at the University, and work on privatisation policy for the Public and Commercial Services union (PCS), the least I could do was offer support.In response to an e-mail, the students invited me to give a talk on privatisation and PCS’s campaigns against it. The privatisation at Sussex is one small – but now extremely visible and significant – example of a wave of outsourcing across the public sector.In many ways privatisation of the UK’s public services is the core of this government’s philosophy.Austerity has little to do with “balancing the books”.With …