24 Mar 2013

Capitalism vs climate meeting in Dorchester, 6th April


Speaker: Derek Wall

International Coordinator for the Green Party [pc]

Sat 6th April, 1.30pm, Colliton Club

(Opp. County Hall), Colliton Park, Dorchester


Dorset Socialists is very proud to welcome Derek Wall this month.  Derek is a prominent Green Party speaker, a socialist and regular columnist in the Morning Star.


Capitalism threatens to destroy the planet through its uncontrolled search of profits and its unbridled greed.  No other society has wantonly dumped food in the oceans to maintain profits or exterminated entire species in the search for a quick buck.


But huge disagreements exist over how to stop the beast.  Should we seek a rural idyll and abandon production altogether?  Should we trade carbon production by mighty states against its lesser output by the poorer, usually undeveloped countries?  Should we pin our hopes on voting for ecological

parties in elections?  


Come and discuss how we save our planet without wiping out humanity!   

All Welcome


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