2 Mar 2013

Ostrom's design principles of the Commons. 21st March meeting

  • 16 TAVITON STREET, London WC1H 0BE (map)

  • Ostrom's Design Principles of the Commons
    An event jointly organised by the Green Party and the School of Commoning
    A world beyond Market and State, will be our special guest.
    Silke engages with activists, academics, business people and politicians from around the world to explain why the commons is important for our time.
    In her words: “The commons is about people, as active participants, co-owners and citizens in their communities, people with relationships of responsibility toward each other and the resources that we all share together."
    “We are poised between an old world that no longer works and a new onestruggling to be born. Surrounded by centralized hierarchies on the one hand and predatory markets on the other, people around the world are searching for alternatives. The commons is one of them. And the commons gain momentum. Everywhere.”
    Millions of commoners have organised to defend their forests and fisheries, reinvent local food systems, organize productive online communities, reclaim public spaces, improve environmental stewardship and re-imagine the very meaning of "progress" and governance. In short, they've built their commons.
    It is thanks to her lifelong work on commons research that Elinor Ostrom became the first woman to win the Economic Nobel Price.
    Come to this event in our series of Meetings with Remarkable Commoners, a unique opportunity to meet Silke Helfrich, and find out how the commons can be relevant in your life, in your community and in the world.
    For background information, we recommend to read:

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